How to Pack and Organize a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit is something you will likely have to do at some point in your life. It’s only a matter of time before you find yourself searching for the best ways to pack and organize a storage unit. Well, you don’t have to worry about it, as we are here to show you all the ins and outs of this process. Your job is to pay attention and memorize some tips that will help you organize your short-term or long-term storage unit like a pro.

How to pack a storage unit

This is a tough one because different types of items will need to be packed differently. And when you take a look around your living area, you’ll notice how many various things one could put inside a unit. Generally speaking, there are three main types of items people decide to put inside their storage units.

Storing furniture

When it comes to all the different things you could store inside your unit, furniture takes precedence as the heaviest item on the list. The key to successfully storing furniture is in taking it apart as much as possible. Bed frames, table legs, headboards – make it your mission to detach everything you could safely remove. You can then cover your furniture with some protective packing material or old sheets – anything that keeps away dirt and dust from your items will do the trick.

Storing electronics

When packing and organizing a storage unit, electronics are what you really want to be careful about. Gadgets such as tablets, game consoles, and laptops can easily be damaged while in storage. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to prevent that from happening. Start by removing all cords and cables and place them in waterproof bags. Proceed to cover your electronics with a layer of something that will provide protection from dust and dirt (such as old towels).

Keep in mind that you should store electronics in a dry and cool unit. So before you sign a storage rental agreement, it would be wise to tour the facilities. You need to know what you are signing to avoid locking yourself in a contract that could result in damaged electronics. You can only imagine how significant the financial damage would be in that situation.

Storing clothes

What happens when you run out of closet space? One, you can get rid of some of your clothes by donating them and making more room in your closet that way, or two, you can rent a storage unit. When storing and packing clothes, there are two things you will want to do. For starters, you will want to fold clothes and put them in sealed plastic containers or cardboard boxes, and then you’ll want to add silica packets to prevent moisture and mold. Just like with your other items, the focus is on keeping your clothes safe inside the storage unit.

How to pack and organize a storage unit

Once your items are packed and ready to be put inside the unit, you need to remain careful. Whether or not you’ll have enough space for everything depends on how you organize the unit. It seems as if patience and care are all you need to pack and organize a storage unit successfully.

Make an inventory list

Let us put it plainly – you need to know what is in your storage unit at all times. If you put in dozens of boxes filled with items, you won’t be able to remember everything inside. Nor do you have to, as you can simply take a piece of paper and a pen and make an inventory. The team running the moving database at argues that inventory is something that all commercial and residential movers make when placing your items inside the truck. So if experienced professionals think that such a list is a good idea, who are we to argue?

Load from back to front

Even if you have rented a long-term storage unit, we are sure you will not keep all of your items there for the same amount of time. You will surely need to retrieve some of your things before others. If there are some items that you know you won’t take out of storage for the entire duration of the rental, then those items belong at the very back of the unit. Likewise, boxes that you might take out a few months down the line should be put at the front of the unit. For that reason, it’s always best to pack from back to front and organize your storage unit that way.

Create an isle

We don’t know how big or small your unit is – however, it’s a general rule of thumb to create a path in the middle of the aisle. That way, even if you change your mind about something you have put in the back of the unit, you can always mend the situation. Of course, the ideal thing would be to create multiple aisles, but many people aren’t lucky enough to be in a position to rent such a large unit.

Be careful how you stack your boxes

Let’s be honest – once you try to pack and organize a storage unit, you’ll realize that it’s all about using the vertical space. Stacking your boxes is essential; you just have to ensure you don’t overdo it. Don’t create stacks so big that they start being a risk for your safety. Instead, stack up to three boxes at a time (provided they are small and/or medium-sized).

The bottom line

If you want to pack and organize a storage unit so that you are headed for success, you will need to put some thought and effort into the process. It will take up a lot of your free time, but remember that you are only doing it once. So it definitely pays off to clear your schedule and dedicate your time and energy to packing your storage unit.

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