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How it works

How it works?

How to Add your Listing:

To add your business on our self-storage marketing platform is easy, first this is to click Add a Listing in the upper right hand of the page, choose your business type, Storage Unit Facility, Moving Company or Moving Services, or Garage Rental, choose your package, input all your business information, or contact one of our account representatives via email and they will call you and do it for you. Your business is now listed.


What & Why Claim Listing:

Claim your listing means, that your business is listed on our self-storage marketing platform, but with just the basic details of your business, and one of our customers would have to google you, to get your phone number or your website to book with you. Claiming your business listing, allows you to choose the details you want customers to find about your business, plus it puts you front and center for the customer to reach out to you right from their phone.


How to claim your Listing?

1. Click the link (Claim Listing)

2. Select your package

3. Add all your details, (Photos, Hours, Unit Sizes, Website Address, Phone Number) Check out and your listing will be live in hours.

Manage Your StorageLookup.com Listings

Save time and manpower as you manage your listings quickly through our easy-to-use administrator portal.
In addition to 24/7 access to your account through the administrator portal, you also have a StorageLookup.com account manager to work with and answer any questions you may have.
We know that the convenience of online management can’t always replace direct relationships and customer service, so at StorageLookup.com, you get both.

Enhanced Listings & Reporting:

Get your facility listing highlighted in StoreageLookup.com’s search results and more robust reporting plus industry data trends.

Ease & Speed

Sign-up is a snap, and our intuitive member dashboard lets you see real-time reporting, review billing, and update your listings, photos, and inventory quickly and painlessly.


With our Simple and Affordable pricing plans, it takes less than 1 customer per year to make a return on your Investment.