Tips on Maximizing Your Storage Space

Having a storage unit isn’t enough to keep you organized and decluttered. It’s also important that you use it efficiently and smartly to optimize the storage space so you can get maximum use out of it.

Here are some things to try when you’re trying to make the most of your storage space:

Put up shelves and hooks

Shelves and hooks are gamechangers when you’re storing and organizing things inside. You can easily put up artwork, décor pieces, clothing, bags, and so much more on hooks and shelves in your unit. If you’re worried about damaging the walls, get racks or adhesive storage options rather than those that need to be drilled in. Shelves and racks are also perfect for keeping items that are more delicate to separate them from other things.

A row of various storage units with doors securely shut and organized.

Store things vertically

Apart from racks and shelves, another tip, in general, is to store items vertically. What this does is that it gives you more space overall. Rather than having boxes all over the floor, you’ll have a couple of stacks of cartons neatly placed in a corner so you can move around and access things more easily.

Make use of hidden spaces

Got furniture items stored away? Put things inside the drawers, cabinets, and hollows to maximize storage. This is also a great tip for when you’re moving and want to cut back on the number of boxes and cartons. Put items under benches or under couches, and make use of every available inch.

Invest in storage bags and bins

Vacuum bags and storage bins will be the godsend you didn’t know you needed. Buying them in bulk or sets is a great idea because of how they fit together the general uniformity. If you have clothes like jackets, sweaters, parkas, or thick blankets for the winter, vacuum bags are perfect for compressing and saving more space. At the same time, the bins can be used to label, organize and separate everything based on utility, function, etc.

Bins and boxes are a lot more convenient than cardboard, which is a hassle to pack and unpack or gets damaged.

Another pro-tip is always to keep track of what’s inside your unit and periodically do an inventory check. It also helps to declutter and remove items periodically, so you’re not keeping things you no longer need or want, even if they’re in storage.

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