Advantage and Disadvantage of Choosing Professional Movers

Advantage and Disadvantage of choosing Professional Movers? Opting for a moving professional, good or bad idea?

Being accompanied by a professional during your move has certain advantages:

  • Saving time and energy: Moving takes time and organization. By calling on a professional, you save yourself the furniture’s load, transport, and unloading.
  • Appropriate equipment: Professional movers have the proper tools to move bulky, heavy, and fragile furniture safely.
  • A safer move: With their expertise, experience, and equipment, moving professionals know how to protect your furniture and transport it without damaging it.
  • Legal protection: You benefit from the safety of the mover’s professional insurance in the event of damage to your furniture caused by the mover.
  • The guarantee of an impeccable result: calling on a moving company guarantees serious and efficient work.


However, the advantages are to be balanced against the disadvantages that a professional move can present:

  • The price: this is the main disadvantage of a professional move; you have to plan a substantial budget to accompany professional movers during your move.
  • Dates: movers often have a rather busy schedule, depending on the period, so it is sometimes up to the customer to be flexible and adapt to the mover’s availability.

What insurance do professional movers offer you?

The guarantees and insurance offered by the moving company also depend on the choice of the mover. In general, all service providers offer professional civil liability insurance. You then benefit from a minimum coverage linked to the professional insurance of the company. This insurance is intended to cover damage to goods transported by the movers.

The price of this insurance is generally included in the moving costs. However, sometimes some companies make it an optional extra. Also, warranty terms can be different from company to company. Indeed, while some offer a simple transport guarantee, others provide real moving insurance.

However, the insurance offered by the mover is limited. Indeed, it only covers the damage caused to the goods transported and caused by the mover. This guarantee is thus excluded in the event of force majeure (external event), in the event of a fault on the part of the customer, and the event of a defect in the object. In addition, very high-value or unique items are not covered by the classic moving insurance policy.

When moving with a professional, three contractual documents must be drawn up: the estimate, which first acts as a contract, and the consignment note, which attests to the smooth running of the operations and includes, in particular, the declaration of value. The values ​​of your objects are included in this last document. It is necessary to complete this declaration for effective compensation in the event of damage and to determine the amount thereof.

You can also take out additional insurance. First, you can refer to your home insurance policy terms to determine the extent of its coverage. Indeed, some insurance companies offer to guarantee movable property during a move. Then, you can take out additional insurance with the mover to protect your belongings. Be sure to indicate the overall value of your furniture.

What type of protection does a professional use?

The reliability and professionalism of a moving company are also assessed according to the equipment and the protections it uses to move. Indeed, quality equipment is a guarantee of rigorous, efficient, and neat work. So what equipment should a moving company use?

First of all, the packing material is essential during a move. A professional out-of-state movers like We Move Anywhere, will then offer you specific boxes, each with an exceptional use for this or that object. In addition, movers also use covers to protect your furniture and avoid scratches during transport. Slipcovers are also meant to protect your bedding or sofa. Finally, to move a painting or a mirror, the movers can make custom formwork to avoid any risk of breakage.

In addition, professional movers use transport equipment. Indeed, the hand truck or trolleys allow professionals to transport furniture or boxes without carrying them by hand. This reduces the handling time and the fatigue of the movers so that the work is of better quality, and the risk of breakage is then considerably reduced. In addition, professionals can use a furniture lift. This tool is particularly essential when the furniture is too bulky to be moved or when the number of steps to go up and down is substantial. For heavy furniture such as a piano, an industrial machine, or a vehicle, movers can use a crane. Last but not least, all this material is intended to optimize the time and effort of the move and protect your furniture!

Platforms that offer professionals: advantage or not? In digitalization, more and more platforms are emerging to connect individuals with professionals. Some start-ups even offer to digitize procedures related to moving. Today, it has never been easier to find a professional mover. However, what are these platforms worth?

First of all, there are platforms whose purpose is to connect individuals with professionals. Other sites are intended to compare moving services to find the one that best suits your needs and your budget. You can request free quotes online from the place to select the cheapest one.

In addition, some platforms offer you to carry out the procedures related to the move, such as carrying out a digital inventory, changing an address, or canceling your subscriptions in just a few clicks. Finally, there are semi-participatory moving sites. Friends or family participate in the move and collaborate with professionals to reduce the cost of the move. The objective is to achieve savings while benefiting from logistical and professional support.

These platforms have the advantage of facilitating research to find a moving professional. You no longer need to read review pages on Google or compare different moving companies yourself, and these sites do it for you! The time saving is considerable.

About Good plan

Do you want to be accompanied by a professional during your move, but you have a small budget? Here are some great tips for saving money while moving;

First of all, the professionals themselves offer different formulas, including the economic procedure. This service includes the loading, transporting, and unloading of your furniture and boxes. However, it is up to the customer to take care of all the boxes’ preparation, packaging, and protection. Once the movers have unloaded the truck, it is also up to the customer to unpack the boxes and install all the furniture. It is indeed an exciting solution to move without breaking the bank, provided you know the workload that this represents. Try out our Self-Storage option to find reliable storage facilities or reputable movers.

Another option, rather unknown, to move less expensively is the grouped move. This is an ideal solution for moving small volumes (less than 20 m3). Moving in groupage is grouping several moves for an identical journey to pool transport costs such as tolls, fuel, staff, etc. It is an economic and ecological solution.

To conclude, moving with the help of a professional is undoubtedly the most comfortable solution to accompany you in this change of life. We now you can take your decision for the best move.

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