Using Self-Storage to Declutter Your Virginia Home

Using Self-Storage to Declutter your Virginia Home

The longer you live in your home, the more clutter you’ll notice being accumulated over time. It’s only natural – we get attached to our belongings and want to keep them around. However, this may become a big problem when you notice that you no longer have space in your home for the things you need and use daily. Once this happens, the time has come to consider decluttering your home. Although a tiring process, it’s a necessary one. Find out some of the ways to declutter. Read on to learn how you can benefit from using self-storage to declutter your Virginia home.

The first step – make a checklist!

As with a lot of things in life, especially those that require good organization, making a checklist is essential. Having a list of all the things that you need to do can help you be as efficient as possible in the process of decluttering your home. Apart from that, it can also ease your mind and help you get rid of all the stress that decluttering your home entails.

Using Self-Storage to Declutter Your Virginia Home
Making a checklist is a mandatory step to ensure that you will declutter your Virginia home smoothly.


One of the most common mistakes people make when renting a self-storage unit is not failing to plan well. Going by a precise plan is always better than acting in the spur of the moment only to later realize that you had forgotten something and cause yourself even more unnecessary stress.

Start by sorting your items

Before you decide to move all the items you no longer need to a self-storage unit, you first need to identify them. Once you’ve figured out which things you are not using, it’s a good idea to throw in an additional step. Most likely, you won’t need to transfer all of these things to a self-storage unit. To make sure that you fill the self-storage unit only with items that you are sure you will use sometime in the future, you should sort your clutter. Go through it and decide if it’s worth keeping. Alternatively, you could give it to your friends, donate it to charity, or throw it away in case of a damaged or broken item.

Embrace Digital Solutions for Inventory Management

Managing your self-storage inventory can be simplified using various tech tools in today’s digital age. Consider utilizing inventory management apps or software to help you keep track of your items in storage. These tools can be particularly useful for long-term storage, allowing you to label boxes with QR codes or similar identifiers. This tech-savvy approach makes it easier to find items when you need them and helps maintain an organized storage unit.

How can you benefit from decluttering?

There are many benefits to removing clutter from your home. Of course, without any unnecessary items lying around, it will be much easier to organize and clean your house. No matter how cliché sounding it might be, having an organized and tidy home also helps keep your mind organized. Once you’ve gone through your items and sorted them out, you can begin transferring them to a self-storage unit. Did you know that some movers don’t offer relocation services exclusively? Pros can give you a hand in renting and using self-storage to declutter your Virginia home. Hire movers to help you take the items you no longer need and place them in a self-storage unit.

The Role of Self-Storage in Transitional Life Phases

Self-storage can be particularly beneficial during transitional phases of life, such as moving, downsizing, or remodeling your home. It provides a temporary space for your belongings, easing the stress associated with these transitions. Whether between moving dates or renovating a section of your home, self-storage offers a secure and convenient solution for keeping your items safe during these periods.

Which items are suitable for a self-storage unit?

As mentioned before, in the self-storage, you should place only the items you will use in the future. Well, for some, this is not so easy. You probably have many presents for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations lying around your house or on top of each other in your basement or attic. Granted, you do not want to throw away the bread maker your aunt gave you for Christmas six years ago. However, if you have never used it before, there is a slim chance that you will ever. No need to throw away a perfect and undamaged item, though.

Boxes of items to keep and donate to charity.
Don’t toss perfectly good items – donate them to charity or sell them.


A good option would be to pass these items to somebody who needs them, donate, or sell them. This way, you will have more space in your self-storage unit for things that you really want to keep around.

Understand the Impact of Climate Control on Self-Storage

When selecting a self-storage unit in Virginia, consider the available climate control features. Certain items, such as electronics, wood furniture, and important documents, can be sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Opting for a climate-controlled unit can prevent damage from these elements, ensuring your belongings stay in good condition. It might be a slightly more expensive option, but it’s an investment worth considering for valuable or sensitive items.

Items you should avoid storing

Besides those that you do not really need, are there some items you should avoid placing in a storage unit? The short answer is yes. The long one – while you can store all sorts of items, some require more attention and care than others. For example, fragile things such as antiques and instruments are tricky to store. Some additional precautions need to be taken in order to safely handle such items and prevent them from getting broken or damaged. The transportation process is not the only possible hazard – the temperature of the room where fragile items are kept can influence them as well.

Using Self-Storage to Declutter Your Virginia Home
Instruments are tricky to store as they can easily get damaged.


For example, an ambiance where the temperature keeps changing can influence the tuning of instruments. If you, however, wish to store fragile items in the self-storage unit, make a good plan and read about the right ways to do it without causing any damage to them.

Regularly Reassess Your Storage Needs

It’s important to reassess your storage needs periodically. Over time, your attachment to stored items may change, or you may find that you no longer need certain items. Make it a habit to visit your storage unit annually to review its contents. This practice helps keep your storage inventory up-to-date and ensures that you are making the most efficient use of your storage space and resources.

Find a suitable self-storage unit

Once you’ve followed all the tips we mentioned in this article, the only thing that’s left is to find a self-storage unit to entrust your things. Here are some questions you should keep in mind when you are doing your research:

  • What size storage unit do I need?

Depending on how much stuff you have, you’ll need to decide whether to rent a smaller or a bigger unit. Other things to think about are: What items are you planning to store? Also, how often do you need to access the self-storage unit? What if the items you wish to store are fragile? It’s best to rent a bigger storage unit to ensure that they have enough space. More space to walk around is also necessary if you want to store things you use periodically. You will need to access the storage unit from time to time to take the items you need.

  • Is your home near the self-storage unit?

The location is not crucial unless you wish to take stuff out of it from time to time. If you do want to access your storage unit somewhat frequently, rent one that is closer to your home.

Hopefully, now you know more about using self-storage to declutter your Virginia home. Follow the tips from this article in order to make the decluttering process as easy as possible.

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