The 4 Phases of Moving to Another State

Making a big move is a part of new and exciting transitions in your life but can be easier following the 4 phases of moving to another state.  Relocating to an entirely different state does come with some challenges, however. You might be worried about how you will find the right home and how long it will take to fully adjust to your new area. There are a lot of factors that go into a large-scale move, but, as Storagelookup explains, the entire process can be broken down into four easily manageable phases.

Phase 1: Find Your Dream Home

Whether your move is job-related or something more personal, you can hardly begin the process without a new home to move into. This starts with narrowing the search down to a certain neighborhood based on work proximity and personal preference. If you have kids, you’ll also want to check out the local schools. For example, GreatSchools Ratings can give you an excellent idea of how neighborhoods rank. After you have this info, you can then go about searching for homes that specifically match your wishlist and budget.

To get an idea of how far your budget will go, take the time to research cost-of-living information for your destination state. For example, if you decide to move to California, you can expect a reasonable ratio of median salary to cost of living. calculates the average California living cost for one person to be around $2,417 per month.

To make sure you get the best deal and land yourself in your dream California home, you would want to make sure you work with an experienced agent.

Phase 2: Prepare for the Move

In the weeks leading up to your big move, there are certain preparations you can make to help ensure a stress-free process. You might consider making one last appointment with your family’s medical care professionals to make sure your records are up-to-date before receiving care in your new state. Some other general moving tips you may want to remember might include:

Also, make arrangements ahead of time if you plan to use local storage to house some of your possessions. Use an online directory like Storagelookup to find a facility.

Phase 3: Adjust to Your New Work Life

It could take a while before your new house truly starts to feel like a home. Before you can feel comfortable, you may need to find consistent work if you have not already secured a job. Finding a job in a new city can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the local work culture, and even more so if you are trying to appeal to employers remotely before making the move. notes that working closely with local recruiters is one way for you to get an “in” with your dream company.

Phase 4: Consider Long-Term Entrepreneurship Goals

Starting a business is a great way to lay down roots in your new city and avoid hustling through a corporate job hunt. You should draft a business plan as early as possible to improve your chances of success. An actionable business plan includes details on your company and its products, as well as your desired structure. If you account for future expenses and projected revenue, you can prepare a strategy for acquiring the necessary funding during the early phases of your startup.

And if part of the plan for your own startup involves continuing your education to pick up the latest business concepts and software, taking classes at a traditional college campus can be difficult when moving from another state. Fortunately, online schools eliminate the major challenges involved with moving. Aspects like transferring credit hours become a nonissue, and studying online provides you with the convenience of completing coursework at home. As you research the various online options, check this accredited school, which offers a number of degrees including a bachelor’s in business.

The biggest concern for many people who make a cross-country move is the uncertainty of their professional future. Hunting for your ideal home and making the trip with your family can be fun, but charting a course for your career or starting your own business comes with no small amount of stress. When you consider all your options and take matters one step at a time, it all becomes much more manageable.

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