Tips for storing fragile items the right way

There is more than one reason why people decide to store their items. They need more space at home; they are starting a big renovation project; they are in the middle of a move, etc. People who have room in attics, garages, and basements, store their items there. But, people who do not have storage space at home, rent storage units. Nowadays, storage units come in all shapes and sizes, and they suit almost any pocket. So, choosing the one that suits your needs is not going to be hard.

However, preparing your items for storage is going to be hard, especially if they are fragile and delicate. But, there is no need to worry just yet! We are here to help you out. We will share with you some tips for storing fragile items the right way. So, if interested, keep on reading.

Make a Plan!

Everything in life starts with a plan. Be sure that you cannot just wake up one day, throw everything that gets in your way into a car and drive it to a storage unit. This will only lead to a bunch of broken items, chaos, and a headache. So, save yourself from those troubles, and make a plan ahead of time. Start by deciding which fragile items you will be storing.

For instance, if you plan on storing artwork or musical instruments, you will need to look for a climate-controlled storage unit. Moreover, knowing what you will keep in the unit will help you with your packing-materials shopping too! Also, if you plan on moving antique furniture and bulky household items, you will need to look for professionals or at least call your friends to help out with heavy lifting.

These are just some of the things you should have in mind when storing fragile items, so, if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, make your plan ahead of time.

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                         Do your research and make a plan before you begin with any work.

Gather Good Quality Packing Materials

Once you have made a plan for storing your fragile items, you probably have an insight into what kind of packing materials you need to buy. Thus, depending on that, prepare your shopping list. In general, you will need the following items:

• Cardboard boxes and Plastic Bins
• Packing Paper
• Plastic Wrap
• Packing Peanuts
• Moving Blankets
• Duct tape and Scissors

We strongly advise you not to cut corners on packing materials, especially if you plan on packing fragile, delicate, valuable, and expensive items! When it comes to things like glassware, china, artwork, etc., proper packing is the best protection. Only the good quality packing materials will ensure the safety of your items.

Moreover, it would be a good idea to consider custom crates as well! They are expensive, yes. But, they are also the only thing that will fully protect the items inside. Consider them, especially if you plan on storing musical instruments and sculptures or figurines.

Find a Storage Unit That Suits Your Needs

As mentioned before, some people are lucky and have tons of storage space in their homes. But, those people are a minority. Most of us live in tiny houses. So, why should we cram and crowd them when there are so many affordable storage units around? You just need to find and choose a storage facility that suits your needs and budget. Doing that is easy – you need to spend some time researching the net.

If some of your items, like artwork, react badly to temperature changes, it would be a good idea to consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit. With one of these, you will be completely sure that your fragile items are safe and sound!

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                 Storage units can be a lifesaver when moving, redecorating, or decluttering!

Know How to Pack and Store Properly

And, now, the most important part – packing, storing, and organizing your items for storage! For this, you will need to do some researching. The internet is full of solutions for any problem or struggle you have. Thus, take a day off, research, and find a packing strategy for the particular items you plan on storing.

However, if you are too lazy, we will share some tips and tricks. So, when it comes to fragile items, the more layers, the better. Wrap each item, first in packing paper and then in plastic wrap. Then, place them in a box filled with packing peanuts. Finally, seal the bag with good-quality duct tape and label it with a marker.

Do not pack items together because they may damage each other during transport. It would be best to find boxes, bins, and crates that suit each fragile item you have.

Also, be careful when stacking your boxes in storage units! Always follow the golden rule: heavy boxes on the bottom, light ones on the top.

Packing process for storing fragile items.
  Put a lot of effort and care when packing items for storage, especially if you are storing fragile items.

Hire Professional Packers or Movers if Necessary

If doing all the things mentioned above (researching, planning, buying packing materials, and packing carefully) seems like a mission impossible, or if you do not have time or energy to do all of this yourself, consider hiring professional packers. They are trained and experienced people who know their way around boxes.

And, if you need someone who will not only pack and secure your items but also transport them to your chosen storage unit, you may want to consider professional movers. They will do all the packing, securing, organizing, heavy lifting, and transporting. You will not have to lift a finger.

We live in the 21st century, so take advantage of any help you can get. After all, that ‘help’ is there to make your life easier. Do some online researching, and you will find professionals for anything you need help with. So, if storing fragile items, the right way is causing you headaches, do not hesitate to call professionals.

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