It is no secret moving can be pretty heavy on our wallets. Still, there are several tried and tested methods you can use to cut down on unnecessary costs. By following these tips and tricks to keep costs of your local move low, you will reduce the anxiety and stress caused by the relocation.

Start planning your local move early

Many of us have a bad habit of procrastinating, especially when it comes to tasks that seem pretty far ahead. That is, however, a big mistake.

A thorough plan devised early on will ensure you are ready for anything and your move is a success. For example, start by finding different and productive ways to pack and organize your belongings. Figure out which items you wish to take with you and which are best left behind, sold, donated, or discarded. Also, see what furniture pieces will need disassembling. And don’t forget to research the best deals you can find when it comes to moving companies. Finally, write an inventory of all the things you wish to move. Having this vital information just a notebook away can be quite a lifesaver during these trying times.

A man writing a to-do list on a notepad situated on his desk.
Most people would benefit from writing their ideas, plans, and dreams on a piece of paper they can refer back to when needed.

Choose the optimal time for it

You might be wondering if your moving date matters. The answer is simple: it does.

More often than not, moving companies are the busiest during the start and end of the month. Therefore, you should always opt to relocate during the middle of the month. Moreover, if possible, schedule the move on a workday since there is less demand. Less demand means you may get some discounts and, in turn, be able to keep the costs of your local move low. According to, picking a date for your relocation wisely can yield a surprisingly good discount.

Make the load as light as possible

The amount of items you wish to carry with you is one of the points that will determine the cost of your move. You might be tempted you pack everything you currently own and transport it. However, this is costly. Local movers will charge you by the hour and the weight of the cargo. Which means they will need more time to transport all of your items. By reducing the load, you can significantly cut unnecessary costs.

Of course, decluttering can be challenging. But, you can keep all of your valuable and close-to-heart items. As for anything unnecessary, broken, damaged, or useless, consider throwing it away, donating, or recycling it. Alternatively, you can also rent a storage unit to keep those items you don’t want to part with. If you wish to sell some things and make some money, you can do it online or have a yard sale. Lastly, use up all the food in your refrigerator or give it away to lessen the load and keep the costs of your local move low.

Tips and tricks to keep costs of your local move low
Your friends might find your unneeded items useful, so be sure to contact them!


Ways to get cheap and free but reliable packing supplies

Planning which packing supplies to get is quite important. You should also do it well in advance to reduce the cost of your move. Unfortunately, this task is often overlooked, which leads to purchasing overpriced packing supplies on short notice.

There are ways to get packing supplies for a lower price. One of these ways is to save up all the boxes from deliveries to your home or boxes you get while shopping. Make sure to keep old newspapers since you can use them as packing paper. Many places would gladly give you their used boxes, such as shoe stores, grocery stores, clothing stores, etc. As for tape and other supplies, be sure to check online vendors since they might have great deals.

Hire a local professional mover to help you out

More often than not, you will need to hire a local professional mover to help you out in this endeavor. Relocating is quite a demanding task to do by yourself! Trustworthy pros from the area should be able to help you in anything you might need to do, from packing to relocating and unpacking.

Although hiring movers might seem more costly, this is not the case. A DIY move involves renting a moving truck or making multiple trips to your new home, which comes with a price tag. Also, by hiring movers, you will reduce the risk of having an unsuccessful move. Additionally, they will help you pack bulky items you do not want to be damaged, such as your TV, wardrobe, or bookcase. This way, you will almost eliminate the chance of paying for fixing or replacing damaged items. Finally, if anything does suffer some damage, you will be covered by insurance.

A view of a man carrying big cardboard boxes from home.
A view of a man carrying big cardboard boxes from home.


Get an estimate or fixed rate from your movers

Last but not least, figure out exactly how much the move will cost you. If possible, always choose to have a fixed rate since it will make managing your budget easier and keep the costs of your local move low.

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