The transitional period between two homes can be pretty taxing. From the first until the dreaded moving day, relocating necessitates a great deal of effort. You may have considered renting a storage unit to alleviate some of the tension you will undoubtedly face. The pros and cons of renting storage when moving locally may help you with this decision.

Pros of renting storage when moving locally

Houses your unneeded items

After thoroughly decluttering your old home, you will, more often than not, have leftover belongings. This is where a storage unit might be beneficial. Do not be concerned if you are relocating on short notice or if you are unable to part with some things. The unit will serve as a safe, temporary home for your possessions until you are ready to deal with them.

A storage unit filled with numerous cardboard boxes stacked upon each other.
Placing some of your unnecessary items in a storage unit will give you leeway to focus on the big move.


Protects your valuable belongings when moving locally

Even though you will be between homes for a few days, you should avoid leaving valuables in unsafe places like your car, for example. Storage units are a better option in these circumstances. In them, you can store important things such as your documents, keepsakes, family heirlooms, and even your very own car. Depending on the storage facility you choose, you may be offered insurance on your items or top-of-the-line security systems to ensure that everything is completely protected.

Helps stage your home before the move

Staging your home may be one of the items on your to-do list before the local relocation. This is also where self-storage units can be of significant help. They will help make your home a clean, partially-furnished, clutter-free environment many potential buyers would love to call their own. By ensuring the staging goes by fast and easy, you will have more time to plan the process of your local move. And we are all well aware of the importance of time during such a period.

A tidy, clutter-free living room with a gray couch and fireplace.
Focus on achieving the perfect blend of cozy and tidy when it comes to staging your home.

Comes in many different variations

One of the most significant pros of renting storage when moving locally is that you can find storage units that perfectly fit your needs. Since there are so many storage facilities available, it may be difficult deciding how big your storage unit should be or what it should offer. Some facilities might have outstanding security systems, some climate-controlled units, while some might have fantastic customer support. Understanding your own needs is critical before choosing a suitable storage unit for you.

Cons of renting storage when moving locally

Moving items into a storage unit can be costly

A big downside of renting storage when moving locally is the cost of transferring your possessions into the unit. This cost is, in most cases, not included in the rent. If you have a large number of items, especially bulky ones, you may not be able to move them all by yourself, even with the support of family and friends. always suggests hiring professionals when you are not able to complete a task during your relocation. Sometimes the overall peace of mind that a storage unit provides is more important than the money spent.

Pros and cons of renting storage when moving locally
You should always attempt to move as many belongings as you possibly can on your own and rely on help when needed.

Access to items can be difficult

If you move further away from your storage unit, you will have a somewhat harder time accessing it. It won’t be as easy as reaching in a cupboard or closet to retrieve what you need. This is why you should be careful with what you store in your storage unit. If you ever decide you made a mistake and the unneeded item becomes needed, you will have to travel a certain distance.

If you’re transporting a large object, you may also need to arrange its return. Lastly, some storage facilities do not provide 24/7 access to their units. You might think this is a significant disadvantage. However, it is better than spending even more money on transporting everything with you when moving.

Your possessions may be affected by the weather

If your area is prone to harsh weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, hail, and strong winds, you will need to invest in a more secure storage unit. Unfortunately, climate-controlled storage units, despite their many upsides, can be significantly pricier. However, this is the only way to ensure the absolute safety of your possessions.

Another thing you can do to safeguard your items from weather-related damage is to make sure they are not on the floor. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways. The placement of your belongings also matters since you do not want them to topple over and damage each other. Whatever you do, be aware that if you do not put enough time and effort into securing your things, they may suffer damage.

High potential of misuse

Storage units can easily become disorganized. This is because many of us may feel tempted to cram boxes and furniture in them from time to time. Additionally, people often procrastinate labeling things and/or organizing them. And, once you decide to deal with the mess, you may find it impossible to do so due to the disarray. To prevent this issue, you will need to carefully label everything you store.

Make sure to organize your possessions to the best of your ability. Lastly, making an inventory of all the items will give you a better overview of what you have in your storage unit. By doing this, you will avoid one of the worst cons of renting storage when moving locally. And do not forget – you are human and bound to make mistakes. It is essential, however, to deal with them whenever possible.

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