Things to have in mind when Moving in LA

So, you’ve decided to move to Los Angeles? That might be the best decision you’ve made so far. There is no place quite like the City of Angels. In LA, there’s so much to see and do you’ll barely have any time left to feel bored or dissatisfied with the city’s offer. Still, there are things to have in mind when moving in LA (both good and bad). That’s precisely why we’re here. In the text below, you’ll find everything there’s to know about moving in/to Los Angeles so that you pass through the process without getting a few gray hairs!

Transportation can be rough

You might’ve heard this one already: LA’s traffic can be pretty nightmarish. Imagine about 4 million folks going to work each morning, all packed inside their vehicles. No transportation system can somehow reduce the impact of that big of a crowd. Of course, things have changed a bit since people started working from home. Still, we’re pretty far away from seeing a radical change. Anyway, if you still haven’t decided where your new home will be in LA, you might want to think about buying/renting near your workplace. This is one of the crucial things homebuyers must take into consideration!

Things to have in mind when moving in LA
Even though this photo doesn’t quite fit the description above, you can imagine what this place looked like just a few hours before the picture was taken.


People are very friendly and chill

Anyone who’s met a few LA residents will tell you the same: they are a fun-loving bunch, trying their best to enjoy each moment to the fullest (even when stuck in traffic). There’s a certain glow these people emit that you’ll rarely find anywhere else. It might be the closeness of the ocean or your typical Cali mentality, but LA folks surely know how to chill! They’ll subtly persuade you into feeling the same easy-going vibes! Also, if you’ve got trouble meeting new people, don’t worry. Your typical LA locals are far away from unhospitable, snobbish personas you’ve seen in the movies about making it big in this marvelous city.

Movers in LA have no competition

Now, let’s get a bit more practical. One of the most important things to have in mind when moving in LA is the city’s offer of quality professionals. There’s no reason to emphasize that a person moving to/around LA needs to have a pair of experienced helping hands, ensuring the relocation goes as smoothly as possible. The question of where to look for them isn’t a mind-boggling conundrum one might assume it is. You’ll find experienced moving crews just about everywhere you care to look. Doing an LA relocation DIY-style isn’t really something you’d call a kindhearted recommendation! Quite the contrary!

Storage providers, also

The moving process sometimes requires you to get some stuff out of the way. If you still didn’t make up your mind about certain items (whether they belong inside your new household inventory), we’ve got a perfect solution for your belongings – rent some storage space! Besides being the home of numerous expert moving crews, LA’s also covered when it comes to storage providers. Whether it’s regular or climate-controlled storage you’re looking out to rent – it really doesn’t matter since many providers offer both options!

A row of storage units with red doors.
LA’s home to fantastic movers and storage providers! This fact makes the process of relocating to/around LA less stressful.


LA’s a lot more than the entertainment industry

Before moving in LA, keep in mind there’s a certain stereotype hovering over this fantastic California city. Many people imagine everyone in LA being somehow employed in the entertainment industry. As always, the truth’s a bit different. LA offers numerous opportunities for professional growth (outside of the entertainment industry). For example, you’ll find a large tech startup community inside the city’s gates.

 Also, there’s a significant number of artists (not just those involved with movies) you’ll get to meet in LA. We might as well say there’s an atmosphere of creativity and freedom that attracts folks with fantastic ideas stored inside their heads. Whether it’s art, IT, or anything else, it makes no difference. Creative individuals are everywhere to be found in the City of Angels.

Moving with your dog? No worries

If you are wondering if LA is a dog-friendly city, you’ll be happy to find out it is. Not only are most LA restaurants with outdoor seating dog-friendly, but there’s also a large number of dog parks you and your furry friend(s) can enjoy! Additionally, expect to find a lot of daycare and boarding facilities for your pet. Now, unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed on all beaches (they’re allowed on sidewalks). Still, there are designated dog beaches like Huntington Beach or Rosie’s Dog Beach your pup can enjoy.

A quick tip on moving with pets

Relocating with your pets isn’t that easy. They can feel the stress of the moment, too. Also, they can be a bit of a distraction. At least that’s what we’ve heard from the folks at Royal Moving Company. Here’s what you can do: see if any of your friends would like to babysit your pet(s) during the day of the move. You’ll do yourself a big favor there! Also, make sure you pet-proof your home before your little friends arrive at the scene.

Things to have in mind when moving in LA
Moving with pets can turn out to be quite of a hassle. Ask if some of your friends are willing to babysit on the day of the move.


We almost forgot to mention LA’s food scene

Phew! This was a close one! We could’ve earned some bad karma by not mentioning the fantastic LA food scene. We’re just kidding – we saved the best for last. Anyway, don’t worry about spending hours searching for an excellent place to take your friends or family out to lunch/dinner. There’s a great restaurant on every street corner. There’s a good chance you’ll get pretty much used to eating outside your home once you settle in LA!

Final words

So, these were the things you’ll need to keep in mind when moving in LA. If you’re already an LA resident, you might know most of the stuff we’ve shared with you above. Still, we hope you’ve learned something new, too!

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