Storing Seasonal Recreational Items 101

It’s common for us to stack multiple items like snowmobiles, jet skis, and camping and hiking gear while the summer or winter season lasts. Be it Halloween costumes, party decor, or Christmas trees and buntings, storing these items sounds like a chore that we avoid once we get busy with our daily routines. Storing Seasonal Recreational Items 101 will help you store your seasonal items with ease.

Such recreational items come in handy during the holiday season , but once the season ends, these expensive items are of no use to us. When the next year arrives, we tend to forget where we kept them and prefer buying new ones. By doing so, we end up wasting so much money, which could have been saved if we learned the art of storing seasonal recreational items.

How to Store Seasonal Recreational Items

After extensive research, we have come up with several simple ways you can store your seasonal recreational items properly. To ease the process of storage and organization of seasonal recreational items at home, you should look out for an appropriate storage unit that can fit your objects without any hassle. Be sure to check if there’s a light inside the unit as well as a proper door with a lock that can prevent the risk of your items getting stolen.

Here are some ways you can learn how to go about storing your seasonal recreational items.


You can stay productive this summer season by organizing your winter clothing as well as various things you purchased for the holiday get-togethers at your place. From snowmobiles, long boots, mittens, thermal beanies to electric heaters, it is crucial to pack all the stuff according to their material, size, and space they require.

Starting with the clothing items, place a label on each clothing item and mention the owner’s name. Once you’re done labeling, you can put these clothes inside plastic covers and stack them in a carton. In case there’s a leather jacket, be sure to get your hands on a wide hanger, acid-free paper, and a separate box to store it appropriately.

When it comes to leather clothing, avoid the use of wired hangers for storage as they may wear out with time, deteriorating the quality of your clothes with time. For maximum protection, hang your leather jacket on a sturdy, wooden hanger while stuffing acid-free paper inside the jacket to retain its shape. You can also wrap the entire jacket with the same paper to prevent any potential damage. Store the jacket in a wooden container or a breathable fabric bag.

Next, look out for any recreational equipment lying around, such as snowmobiles, snowboards, ice skates, skis, snow shovels, snowblowers, and sleds. Grab a few cartons that are spacious enough to fit these items. Tape the cartons and put them aside on a rack or a proper designated space inside your storeroom. You can also make use of the free space in your garage to add a storage unit where you can easily place these seasonal recreational items.

Lastly, it is equally important to pack your holiday decor items, including Christmas trees, Halloween props, Thanksgiving-themed cutlery and utensils, gift boxes, fairy lights, buntings, etc. Grab some bubble wrap to seal the delicate objects that are susceptible to damage and carefully store them in a carton or a box without the addition of heavy items inside the carton. Also, avoid stacking a heavy carton on top of it as it may lead to breakage. To make it more convenient, put a label on each carton mentioning the category of objects it contains.

Fall / Winter Season

The cold weather brings some solace to our days where we find peace in the little things in our lives. It brings a smile to our faces, thinking about all the fun we had during the summer vacations or the holiday season. However, it is better to put all the things in the right places to avoid scattering objects in your home. This may include all the stuff you gathered for a summer pool party at your house as well as the equipment you took to the seaside for enjoying water rides.

Jet skis are relatively expensive than the rest of the watercrafts, such as small boats, water hoverboards, and flyboards, paddleboards, surfing boards, etc. Be it indoor or outdoor, it’s up to you where you find sufficient space for storing your jet ski. It’s better to look for a storage unit that can accommodate the dimension of your jet ski accordingly.

If you live in an area that experiences mild winters, you have the option of storing your watercrafts indoors as well as outdoors. In case the winter season is extremely cold, the weather may take a toll on your power equipment and its functioning. You can opt for a storage facility nearby that can help you place your jet ski in a safe, secure, and well-protected area and ensures to take good care of your expensive belongings in a temperature-controlled environment. Similarly, you can place your scuba diving equipment, canoes, bicycles, and motorcycles at your home or a storage facility that makes it convenient for you to access your stuff whenever you want.

When it comes to seasonal household items like hoses, lawnmowers, gardening tools, and swimming accessories, such as floating mattresses, pool loungers, hammocks, chaise loungers, and swing chairs, their storage becomes necessary. The storage of outdoor patio furniture should be carefully considered depending on its material and size. You may require huge deck storage containers and boxes to place your outdoor furniture to prevent the risk of potential damage.

The material of your furniture needs extra attention as it can become a source of food for various termites, ants, and beetles, and as well as rodents. Hence, you should look for some free space in your garage, basement, or storeroom that is not subject to any such destructive species. Moreover, you can remove the fabric covers of the seats on your outdoor chairs or cushions to prevent them from the buildup of dirt, dust, and debris inside your storage unit.

With these simple tips, storing seasonal recreational items has never been simpler!

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