Storage Facilities and Summertime Pest Infestation

We love to get cozy and comfortable as the weather turns colder, and much like us, nature’s other creations also feel the same way, including pests. This is why pests are usually not a problem in winter, as they pretty much hibernate throughout the season. However, as the weather changes and summer starts to approach, these pests get busy. Luckily for you, we have got some tips on how you can keep your Storage Facilities and Summertime Pest Infestation at bay and safe from these pest infestations.

While it is easier to keep a lookout for these pests in your homes, your storage facilities become a perfect target for them. You do not frequently visit, dust, clean, or vacuum your storage facility. Instead, most of us just store our stuff and return only when we need to. If you run a storage facility you would know what a pest infestation can do to your business.

If you are new to the business, let us tell you, they will ruin the possessions stored.

Pest Control Companies

Pest control companies are your best bet at keeping the facility safe. Usually, it is perceived that the pest control companies are a reactive measure, however, pest control companies are best utilized as a proactive measure. Why take the chances of having your storage facility infested?
Pest control companies are professionals that can help you with long term pest control. They can spot any signs of an upcoming infestation and can help you accordingly. They can also provide you with chemicals or pesticides that you may require. Having a routine checkup with these companies will save you a lot of trouble. Sure it costs you, but when compared against the cost that may incur in case of damages due to pest infestation, it is nothing.

Be Mindful of Garbage

If there are dumpsters and garbage cans near your facility, you should not let the garbage sit in for longer periods of time. Garbage attracts all kinds of pests, if you have it lying around, the same pests can easily make their way into your storage facility.

Be Mindful of garbage in or around your Storage Unit
Be Mindful of Garbage in or around your Storage Unit.

Be Mindful of Sewage

Sewage lines, under, above or around the storage facility is a red alarm. You should be very vigilant in spotting any leakage, any water logging or moisture developing. This creates a perfect environment for the pests to breed, if they follow these leakages, the inside temperature of your storage facility can prove to be optimum for them, this can result in a large infestation.

What is being Stored?

What is being stored, plays an important role. You can have regular pest control checkups, and take all the measures mentioned above and still end up with a pest infestation. Be mindful of what is being stored, do not let anyone place things like foods into the storage facility. From mold to mice, food invites all sorts of annoyance into your storage facility. The same goes for any mattresses, clothing or furniture that may have been previously infested. Before storing such things, always make sure to take precautionary measures like spraying pesticides. You can also utilize plastic to ensure that your possessions don’t get infested. Plastic works as a great barrier against various kinds of pest infestations, wrap your possessions in plastic if possible.

Some other great resources that could help to avoid getting visited by any nasty pests this summer is our great guide to packing and organizing items for long term storage, or even the upsides of climate-controlled storage units.

If you are mindful of the aforementioned tips, you can enjoy your summertime without having to worry about any sort of pest infestations in your storage facility.

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