Self-Storage Vs. Mobile Storage

There are some key differences to know between self-storage units and mobile storage units. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages and can have a difference in terms of costs, convenience, and other factors based on your specific needs.

When choosing which one to rent out for yourself, here are some of the factors that you should be thinking about:

The size of your storage unit

Both self-storage and mobile storage units come in different sizes, but generally, you can count on mobile units to be more compact. If you don’t need a lot of storage space and don’t need to pack a house-worth of belongings, a mobile unit may be more than sufficient. However, self-storage units may also come in smaller sizes. This is an individual-level factor because there are size options in both categories.

Security features and measures

Although self-storage units typically require you to put your own lock, facilities usually come with additional security like barbed wires, surveillance, etc. Mobile storage units may come with similar security measures at the facility where they’ll eventually be placed. In your house, however, there is a potential risk involved. If you’re not willing to take a chance and leave your unit unsecured at home, a self-storage unit may be a safer option from the get-go.

A couple packs and stores items from their home to place into storage.

Price points for each service

Both options also come at varying price points to fit different budgets. With the average self-storage facility, you’ll know that you’re paying a monthly or annual fee at a fixed rate. Whereas, with mobile storage you will have to pay transport fees, gas, and other costs, especially if you’re traveling and moving with it. These transport costs could fluctuate based on gas prices, travel distance, and the frequency with which you move the unit between your house and facility.

Urgent accessibility and use

There will always be instances where you suddenly need something from storage, whether for travel, holidays, or use at home. Self-storage units tend to allow you 24-hour access, 365 days a year, even if sometimes they require prior notice. At the end of the day, all you need is to drive down, get what you need, and head home.

Mobile units, however, are a different story. While they may be right within reach most of the time, when they’re at the facility, you’ll need to inform management a few days in advance so they can procure your unit. Since they’re stacked and locked, you can’t just walk in and walk out whenever you want, so it’s a good idea to only place things you won’t need urgently.

We hope this makes it easier for you to understand whether you need self-storage or mobile storage for your needs. Use our directory to find the most highly rated storage facilities near you, whether you’re in Kansas, Texas, Florida, or elsewhere. Our search bar can also help you find moving services, private garages, and top-rated moving services in your locality as well!