4 Reasons To Use Self-Storage While Renovating

Renovation projects are always exciting opportunities to re-do your home or focus on different spaces to improve them. But one of the biggest struggles of a renovation is to manage all your belongings during the job. Where do you put all the furniture? Where does all the décor go? What if you damage that expensive portrait you got as a wedding present?


The simple solution to all these woes is to find a storage space for rent near you! Here are some of the upsides to getting a storage unit for the duration of your renovation project:


1.      It’ll help declutter and open up the space

Moving a couch to the center of the room doesn’t solve the space dilemma; you will still need room to move around and get things done. When you have access to a storage unit, you can move all your furniture there and have a free, open space where you can work easily. This is even more helpful for apartments where you’re working with limited room, to begin with.


2.      Your furniture, décor, and belongings are safe

Renovations are notoriously messy, and anything could go wrong during it. There could be paint spills, dust, debris, damage to furniture, stains on your favorite rug, and so much more that you’ll want to avoid. A storage unit will keep everything you own safe and away from the work till it’s time for it to be brought back out and set up again. Plus, cleaning is also much easier when there are fewer things to deal with!

A couple high-fives while packing up their belongings before a renovation project.

3.      Allows you to decide what stays and what goes

Since we’ve talked about decluttering above, it’s also a great time to think about the furniture and décor items you own. A storage unit gives you a safe, secure space to put away things you don’t want to use, no longer like, or are bored of. It also buys you more time to decide whether you want to keep them around or just get rid of them altogether. It’s a good way to put away things that don’t match your room’s new vibe; you don’t need to toss out your grandma’s antique chest. It’s still safe and sound in a different place.


4.      The rest of your home isn’t messy and crowded

Apart from keeping things safe, decluttering the workspace, and buying you time to decide what to keep, a storage unit also ascertains that the rest of your house remains functional. You don’t have to deal with a king-sized bed sitting in the middle of the living room or sofa set crowding up the kids’ bedroom. Your closets will remain unaffected too! This is especially important because renovations can take anywhere from a few days to several months, and there’s only so much mess you can put up with.


Take the stress out of renovation with the help of a convenient, reliable storage facility that helps you achieve all of the above.


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