4 Key Things To Know Before Renting a Storage Unit

Self-storage units are a gamechanger for all of us who struggle with keeping our homes organized, travel and move frequently, or just have a lot of things they can’t keep around the house. Not everybody has or wants to use their garages, attics and basements, and sometimes, those spaces also fall short.

Storage units can be very useful to help you stay sorted and keep everything you need in a secure, accessible, and well-maintained location. But before you rent a unit out and make payments of any kind, here are some things that are worth considering:


1.      Check out the security measures

If you’re trusting a facility to store what could be valuable items, including your vehicles, artwork, clothing, sentimental belongings, or even work-related items, then you’ll want a place that has multiple security measures in place. Basic security includes 24-hour surveillance, lighting, alarms, passcodes, locks for each unit, and general barriers to entry around the facility itself.

Take your time in looking at all the security measures in person if you can, or compare reviews through our site. Ideally, insurance should be a part of their security measures because you never know when accidents, break-ins, and damage can occur onsite.

2.      Take a detailed look at how clean it is

Again, when you’re putting things away, you want to know that they’re going someplace that’s clean and well-maintained, right? A storage facility should have running maintenance practices, including draining systems, cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting before you move in. If the facility itself is poorly maintained, with no real drainage, paved roads, or any form of in-built protection for your unit, consider taking your business elsewhere.

A woman carries unorganized, messy boxes and belongings for storage.


3.      Know their policies for accessing your unit

Often, there will be times when you need to access your unit after hours or on a public holiday, and your facility should have clear policies on that front. For those who travel, have an urgent need for their items, etc., it’s important that you can get to them regardless of the hours of operation. What if you have to fly across the country for an emergency and need winter wear? What if you have no time other than the weekend or holidays to drive down and get your things? There should be a way to access your unit at all times.


4.      Look for features like climate control

You may not realize it, but many items that you use daily require climate-controlled storage, especially when being put away. Too much heat, too much cold, humidity, or dryness can damage items like furniture, artwork, clothing, and even documents, so knowing that your unit can offer climate control options is a major plus. Being able to regulate the unit’s temperature and humidity can help you keep your belongings safer for longer and in their prime shape and condition.



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