How Big Does My Storage Unit Need to Be?

Storage units have become a popular choice for many families that are moving or renovating their homes. So, if you’re wondering “how big does my storage unit need to be” this is the right article for you. And there’s a good reason for it. You can store whatever you like and keep it out of your home, safe and protected. Items you put in your storage unit are available any time you need them, just without eating up space in your home.

However, they do come with a price tag, which depends on the size and some other characteristics such as climate control, safety, availability, location, etc. It is essential to pick a unit that’s just the right size – not too big or too small. This will ensure you have enough space for everything you need to store but not waste much on a storage unit that’s way too big.

Why getting a storage room is a great idea?

If you’re still not sure if you should go for it and find a storage unit, we’re going to help you out. These are the reasons why taking a storage unit pays off:

  • free up space in your home – lack of space is a common problem for modern families. You can solve it easily by putting away all the seasonal or rarely used items in storage;
  • store items while renovating – to avoid making more mess or damaging your items while renovating, safely store them away and bring them back once your home is ready;
  • moving house can be a lot easier – if you need a place to store items in between selling your home and buying a new one, getting storage will help. Also, you can take your time with unpacking and avoid being stuck with too many moving boxes as soon as you arrive. So, you won’t have to rush Ample Moving NJ to deliver your items to your home. A storage unit will make the move-in process a lot easier for you.
a kitchen without furniture and décor items
It’s much easier to renovate your home when you store the furniture in a storage unit.


And now the big question: how big does my storage unit need to be?

Storage units come in different sizes and shapes. That’s why you need to think carefully about which one you need to make sure you have enough space and don’t spend more money than necessary. Firstly, be sure to know what to expect when contacting a company that offers storage units. Most commonly, you can find three sizes.

Small storage units

Small storage units are approximately 3×3 feet, like a standard wardrobe closet. However, even though these are pretty small, they can fit more items than one may think. Small storage units are ideal for seasonal items, hobby items, kids’ old toys, etc. They are perfect for students to store their belongings during summer or families who are renovating one room and have no space in their home.

Medium storage units

Approximately 10 x 10 feet, medium-sized units are the most common option for household storage. These are also quite versatile, as you can store smaller as well some more oversized items. These units can store sofas, desks, chairs, and even appliances such as your fridge, washing machine, or dryer. If you run a business, medium-sized units are great for additional supplies and materials and extra equipment or furniture.

Large storage units

These units are commonly 10×20 feet or 10×30 feet in size. Large units are also the most expensive option but can come in pretty handy if you plan on storing bulky items. You can easily store all your household possessions or even your car. Depending on your moving situation, a large storage unit can be helpful – but you can also use it if you’re renovating your home.

a woman holding a notebook with measurements of how big a storage unit needs to be
Measure your household to see how big your storage unit needs to be.

Start with a list

The list of items you are about to store will help you decide how big your storage unit needs to be. Start with listing all the things that are not packed in boxes. These are usually the biggest and the bulkiest items in our household, such as appliances, bug furniture pieces, etc.

Count the moving boxes

Next, count the moving boxes you need to store in your unit. These are less difficult to store, as you can stack them and save a lot of space. However, be careful when doing that. Be sure to put the heaviest boxes on the bottom, and put the lighter ones on the top.

Don’t forget unusual items

Be sure to measure irregularly shaped objects, as they are the most difficult to store and take up a lot of space. Once you measure everything, you can roughly estimate how big your storage unit needs to be.

Control your moving budget

If the question ‘how big does my storage unit need to be?’ is running through your head, it means that you are trying to be mindful of your budget. The price of your storage unit depends on its size, so be sure to pick the right one. Furthermore, don’t forget the rest of your costs when moving, either your belongings to the storage temporarily or a new home.

Relocation costs can get expensive. However, thinking you can save by relocating on your own is a mistake, as DIY can lead to spending more money than you first thought. That’s why you should plan the move well and trust specific jobs to professionals, to avoid additional costs and possible injuries. Even though you think you can manage to do everything independently, sometimes it’s safer to let experts do the work.

a moving box in front of a home
Estimate your moving budget and see if hiring professionals is more cost-effective.


Pack items for storage to avoid damage.

It is crucial to protect your items even in a safe unit. Get proper containers for each type of item, and always put heavier objects on the bottom. Be sure to protect electronics and fragile items and take a climate-controlled unit for them. Finally, organize your boxes by labeling them – it will be easier to find your things when you need them. These tips will ensure your items are protected well and ready to be used the next time you need them.

Follow these tips and you will stop wondering “how big does my storage need to be?” You will know.

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