Interesting facts you might not know about Moving

Every person will, at some point in their life, experience a move. Some people move more than others, most often because of work, college, etc. If you are looking to understand what is hiding behind this common activity, here are a few interesting facts you might not know about moving.

Americans are less mobile today

First on the list of interesting facts you might not know about moving – mobility in America is lower than it used to be. Mobility, when referring to moving, is how often people move. This means that a lot of people are staying in place. While there are theories on why that is, the general idea is that most people can’t move because of steep housing prices and economic problems. And while some people don’t move because they are attached to their community, many don’t because they simply can’t.

Moving after College

After graduating, many students decide to find a home in the same general area as their college. However, a third of these people will move away within five years of their graduation. Most graduates never move back to their hometownwith many of them saying it is because of work-related reasons such as promotions or moving to new companies.

Interesting facts you might not know about moving
Moving out of state after college is very common.


How working from home affects moving

According to recent information, 14 to 23 million Americans plan to move in 2021. Why? Because of a rise in remote work opportunities. People are no longer confined to living within a commutable distance from their workplace. Moreover, 1 in 4 Americans are expected to work from home, and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Many of these people are now looking to relocate, mainly to reduce their living costs and find an area more suitable for them. A lot of people have been conquering their fear of moving since they started working from home.

A man working on a laptop from home
Working from home has made a better work-life balance a very real possibility.


Idaho is the most moved to state

Known for its safety, affordability, and wildlife, most people moving out of their home states choose Idaho as their destination. Most of those who move to Idaho do so because they are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle. Idaho’s beautiful mountains and outdoors available all across the country are a big draw for anyone looking to settle in this state, and people are willing to go through long-distance relocations to live here. And although it is always imperative to prepare well for a long-distance move, wherever you are relocating, one month is enough if you devise a good plan.

Looking for better housing

Following the previous fact, as America continues to accept work from home and virtual schooling, people are looking to move into more spacious dwellings in less populated areas. Most people who want to relocate are looking for homes with more outdoor space, larger kitchens, storage, and a room large enough for a home office. 

Although it is more than possible to be comfortable in a tiny house, most prefer to have enough space for living and storage. With the desire to lower the expenses and live in a less populated area, many people are planning to move to Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, North Carolina, and Texas. On the flip side, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, Kansas, and New York are seeing the most people move out.

A spacious room with furniture
Living in a spacious home is something most people want.


Why are people moving?

Adding to the list of interesting facts: why exactly are people moving in 2021? Well, the answers might seem simple:

  • The desire to be closer to family – One of the main reasons people move is to be closer to their loved ones.
  • Increased work flexibility – Flexible work environments are among the most common reasons for relocation.
  • Lower costs of living Now that a lot of people are working from home, savings have become a priority.
  • Looking for new job opportunities – Job chasing is still a common reason for people to move.
  • Better schools – Families with children and students often move to get a better education.
  • Change in romantic relationship status– Choosing to move in with your partner is a common reason for moving.
  • Current job transferred to a different location – When their workplace changes location, some move to reduce the commute to their new workplace.
  • Safety regarding COVID – 19 -Safety is essential during the pandemic, and people would rather move away from unsafe areas.

When do people move?

Among other interesting facts on this list – unless it falls on the first of a month, Friday is the most popular day to move. Likely because Friday leaves the entire weekend for unpacking and settling into your new home. Following the same logic, Sunday is the least popular day for moving, as it leaves no free time. Most relocations happen during the summer months due to good weather and children being out of school. 

Similarly, most moves happen around the middle of a month. However, if you opt to relocate with the help of professionals such as those at, you can rest assured your move will be successful no matter which time of the month or year you choose.

Homeownership is on the rise

2021 has seen a massive influx of first-time home buyers. Rent rates have been risingand mortgage rates have dropped to an all-time low. Because of this, people who have previously lived in rented homes and apartments now have the ability and motivation to buy their own humble abodes instead of pay for someone else’s mortgage.

In conclusion

There are many reasons and explanations as to why people move, whether it is for work-related reasons or something different. We hope that this list of interesting facts you might not know about moving helps you better understand why people decide to relocate.

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