6 Tips to Storage and Moving Easily

6 Tips to Storage and Moving Easily:

Moving into a new house can be a pain. Hauling your own possessions – especially unwieldy items like furniture and appliances – can slow the moving process and increase risk for injury. The following 6 Tips to Storage and Moving Easily will help you make the right choices for your next move.

The excitement that comes with the idea of moving into a new place, especially for new homeowners, is quickly dampened by the actual realities of moving and storage. However, many folks are tempted to skip on professional moving services, but often end up doing themselves a disservice.

Save your back and your knees and ensure that all your belongings are properly packed and arrive in once piece by reading on how to properly utilize professional moving services.

6 Tips to Storage and Moving

Before the Move: Things to Consider:

Congratulations, you’re a new homeowner! No doubt you’re more than ready to move to your new residence, whether it’s a charming older model or a newly built home. No matter the dwelling and where, all your possessions need to move from point A to point B.

If your move is short distance, say moving to a new place within town, do not make the rookie mistake of thinking the move will be all the easier. In fact, with a shorter distance to move, you may be more likely to haphazardly pack and transport items, leading to item damages and losses.

This also increases the risk of injury. You just bought a new place, so you probably don’t want to pay to replace broken electronics or kitchenware (for example).

Consider Self-Storage

 Consider Self-Storage:

If you’re downsizing and/ or must quickly relocate, consider self-storage before simply throwing out or giving away belongings. Self-storage is especially great in helping you evaluate what you need or want (such as antique/ family heirlooms) and don’t need (piles of old clothes).

The other advantage to using a self-storage unit. It serves as temporary storage in between places. The period between leaving a current home and into a new residence can be tricky. By utilizing storage, you’ll avoid having your possessions in limbo, regarding where to put them while moving.

Another plus to using a storage unit is that it allows you to move in stages: you can take whatever boxes you need whenever. We found these 6 Tips to Storage and Moving very helpful to share with people looking at Self-Storage.

 A Locking Safe

Protect Your Possessions and Your New Home:

Hiring moving services safeguards more than your belongings. Such protection also extends to your newly built home. You don’t want to be scratching wooden floors, cracking windowpanes, or scraping off drywall. To avoid all this, you’ll want everything properly packed and transported.

Professional moving services know all about correctly wrapping, boxing, and transporting items. Rather than cramming your car to full capacity, movers are all about efficiency: organizing boxes for best transport and delivery.

Moving services also have the proper tools – and experience – for moving and placing items safely. For example, moving companies know how to disassemble, wrap, transport, deliver, and reassemble a piano, an item certainly best left to professionals when it comes to moving.

 6 Tips to Storage and Moving

How to Properly Load a Moving Truck:

If you’ve decided to use a moving truck to transport items without professional help, it’s important to know and practice certain criteria, as this makes the moving process all the easier. There truly is a rhyme and reason to how and what is placed in a moving truck; if items are placed randomly, you’re guaranteed to waste space, which will merit another trip with the truck.

To load items properly, start with household boxes first, then fill any spaces with smaller items, such as pillows. Then progress to loading furniture. Finish with placing in washers, dryers, fridges, etc. Fill any empty spaces with awkward items that don’t pack nicely into boxes. Another handy tip is to have a toolbox.

You never know when you will need a wrench or screwdriver to do a quick repair or come across an item that requires disassembly for loading. Also, keep available storage items, like bins around, for easy transport of possessions.

Safety Tips:

Whether utilizing a professional moving team or moving on your own with a moving truck, certain safety criteria always apply. For example, always wear closed toe, non-slip protective footwear during any point of the move process – don’t risk injury by failing to protect your feet.

Be honest, too, in knowing what you are comfortable moving. If you’re at all apprehensive about packaging and/ or lifting an item, ask for help: there’s no need to overdo it (or show off). It’s a process that’s best accomplished when safety and organization are top priority, leading to greater moving and storage efficacy.

In Conclusion:

You always want to make sure a do your research and find the best ways to make your move based on your situation, not someone else’s. We hope reading 6 Tips to Storage and Moving Easily helps you make the right choices when moving to your new home.

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