5 Easy Storage Ideas for Your Tiny House

It’s no secret that storage and living space is limited in a tiny house. And that’s ok! You knew that going into your downsizing adventure.

Some people think that owning a tiny house means you won’t have any use for storage. But you still have stuff.  You can still store plenty of items without sacrificing your comfort, budget, or essential needs. The trick is to efficiently and creatively use all available opportunities to master at making the most of your space.

Keep reading for four easy storage ideas for your tiny home.

Cabinets in the Stairs

Multifunctional is the name of the game in tiny homes. Any stairs you may have can serve more than just one purpose, and adding cabinets inside is an easy maximize floor space. The hardest part may be making sure you don’t stub your toe on any of the doors.

Boxes inside Boxes

Have you ever seen a couch with a footrest that opens up? Inside, you may find blankets, pillows, children’s games, or some toys. Take that idea and apply it to everything square.

Buy or build a table with storage options inside or a bed with drawers built-in underneath. While you could stuff things under furniture from the beginning, having drawers, built-in gives you a great storage option and easy to use and operate drawers. It’s almost preorganized for you.

If you don’t have a table with storage space under it, buy an easy-to-use basket for storing any items and keeping them out of your way.

Go Vertical

Just like kitchens in regular-sized homes, there is bound to be space above your cabinets if they’re not all the way up to the ceiling. There is a great place to store food-stuffs or extra items that may not have their own place.

You may have to get creative when it comes to accessing these items, but making use of your vertical space is a way to keep clutter out of your way and easily organized.

Of course, going vertical for your bedroom loft is a perfect way to keep the most essential part of your house out of the way. It doesn’t have to up a ladder or stairs. Consider an elevator bed.

Adding Shelving

No doubt you’ll incorporate many shelves when your tiny house is first built, but look for places where an extra shelf can be added to clear some space. For example, adding a fold-down shelf above your toilet is an easy way to put toiletries there without having them clog up the sink or medicine cabinet.

Additionally, adding shelves isn’t difficult, as it requires a board, brackets, a level, and tools to get you going.

Use Your Corners

You might look at corners as kind of dead space, but you can easily put shelves that will cover both corners, giving you more space and places to put your items.

There are also plenty of baskets and furniture that will neatly slide into corners, meaning you can take advantage of the ends of your perfect tiny house.

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