How Pet Owners Can Benefit from Self-Storage

In truth, self-storage is a service from which anyone can benefit in one way or another. And this is also true for pet owners, who can definitely benefit from self-storage in more than one way. Whether it is storing toys or food, any pet owner can find a use for self-storage. For those who don’t have an idea of how they can utilize it, we have compiled a list of ways how pet owners can benefit from self-storage.

Don’t keep your pets in a storage unit

While this article is meant to talk about how people who own pets can benefit from self-storage, we first need to start with something that they shouldn’t do. Some people have in the past decided to put their pets in self-storage units, perhaps when they were traveling or were too busy to take care of them. You need to know that you should never do this. Aside from legal issues, treating a pet this way is inhumane. Self-storage units do not have the right living conditions for your pet.

Most self-storage units are purposefully made to be airtight to reduce potential problems such as termites or mold from humidity. This means your pet most likely won’t be able to breathe for very long. Also, in case you don’t inform anyone there of your pet’s presence, no one will be able to feed it or clean up after it.

Storing animal food

A good way to save money as a pet owner is to buy your pet’s food in bulk. While this method is much cheaper, some people simply don’t have the necessary space in their homes to keep much food at one time. This is where a self-storage unit comes in.

How Pet Owners Can Benefit from Self-Storage
Having a few large bags of your pet’s food in a unit is a great way to be sure you’ll never have an emergency if your local pet shop runs out for a while.


There are two ways pet owners can benefit from self-storage when it comes to storing food:

  1. More space for food bought in bulk.
  2. More space for spare food.

Some pets require a more specific diet, such as only eating a certain type or brand of food. Always having excess reserves of that particular food is vital for their owners, and a self-storage unit can guarantee enough space for those reserves.

A very important part of renting a self-storage unit for food and perishables is finding a climate-controlled unit. These units allow you to control their temperature and, more importantly, their humidity. This prevents the food from getting spoiled.

Moving with your pet

Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience. Not just for you but also for your pet. A sudden change of environment can be scary and confusing to your pet. Experts from companies such as Strong-Ass Movers suggest that the best way to keep your pets moving as stress-free as possible is to move little by little.

This means that you should spread out the move over a couple of days and empty and move the rooms one by one. A short-term self-storage unit can help you with this by getting your pet used to things “disappearing.” It would help if you took anything you won’t need over the next few days and put it all into the unit. After this, you can slowly move your possessions to your new home room by room.

Remembering the furry friends we have lost

Seeing as most people get very attached to their pets, it is usually tough to say goodbye right away when they pass. Sometimes getting rid of or selling the toys you bought for them too early feels impossible, and looking at them every day is too painful. Putting these things in a storage unit is an excellent compromise in this situation. You can always know that they are in your possession, but you don’t have
to be hurt by seeing them every day.

White urn and a plant
Pet owners can benefit from self-storage by keeping memorabilia of the furry friends they’ve lost in them.


Another situation in which self-storage can help grieving pet owners is if they are unsure whether they’ll be getting another one. Getting rid of your old pet’s things can be a big waste of money if you adopt a new one. A self-storage unit can be a place to put these things away until you decide what to do with them.

Be sure to organize your self-storage unit well since this memorabilia is unique and irreplaceable. Simply piling it on can result in something breaking.

Too many toys

Sadly our pets sometimes don’t appreciate all of the toys we buy them. Whether it’s a chew toy for your dog that smells weird or a bed your cat doesn’t want to sleep in, it can find a place in a self-storage unit. Keeping these things in your house can create a claustrophobic feeling. Decluttering once in a while can help your home feel fresh. It can also show you what type of toys your pet likes for future buying reference.

A small dog with a toy
It might be a good idea to keep the toys in a storage. You never know if you might need them again.


It might come to mind that it’s easier to throw all of those toys out. But, keeping them is much smarter in case you end up adopting a new pet or decide to sell them and can’t find a buyer immediately.

Another way people who own pets can benefit from self-storage when they have too many toys is when they decide to move. Even long-distance moving within a smaller state like Kentucky can be a big job if you have to carry a lot of toys. You can partner up with pros who will help you move your more critical and urgent possessions, while unimportant things like those extra toys can wait in the storage unit for you to pick them up later.

All pet owners can benefit from self-storage

While you may make you believe that only pet owners who have cats and dogs can benefit from self-storage, this is not true. Finding the right storage unit for their pets and needs is a way to ensure that all pet owners can benefit from self-storage. Use your space wisely, and give your pet a treat on our behalf today.

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