6 Reasons Why New Yorkers Love Self-Storage

No one can deny the fact that the majority of city apartments don’t have enough storage space. However, some more cunning New Yorkers have found ways to deal with this problem using certain storage hacks. However, sometimes even a great storage hack will not cut it. New Yorkers love self-storage because they usually can’t find a place for every single item inside their small apartment.

In recent years self-storage has become a true lifesaver for New Yorkers. Every day, more and more citizens are turning to storage facilities to store their seasonal and oversized items. Self-storage might sound like something only hoarders use for clutter. But in New York, managing to store every single thing you own can be difficult even after a heavy decluttering session. This can be especially hard for people living in an apartment for the first time. Trying to fit the same amount of stuff you had in a house into an average New York apartment is next to impossible.

Flexible leasing options

Self-storage is generally rented on a month-to-month basis. This gives the renter a lot of flexibility regarding how long they will use the storage unit. This isn’t just important for people like college students, whose lives are constantly changing. It can also be helpful to someone who just needs to rent short-term when they are moving. Most facilities won’t care whether you rent space for three months or years. Cancellation fees are very uncommon. If you’re unsure how long you’ll need it, you should definitely take advantage of the month-to-month leasing options.

6 Reasons Why New Yorkers Love Self-Storage 2
A big reason why New Yorkers love self-storage is that the terms agreed upon in the contract tend to be flexible.


Utilizing self-storage when moving

New Yorkers love self-storage as an option for ensuring a smooth moving experience. And this isn’t only useful for long-distance moving either. Suppose you are moving locally between apartments in NoHo. Hiring movers can help make this process easier. Still, it can be even easier if you are not moving everything you own from one apartment to another. If half of your belongings are stored in a nearby self-storage facility, moving a few blocks away isn’t a reason to take all that stuff out. This way, you are only moving the things you need, and anything you don’t can stay in the unit until you do. Additionally, some self-storage facilities will provide you with professional-grade packing supplies, and others might help you get them yourself.

It’s relatively affordable

Self-storage units are usually a highly affordable option for New Yorkers. Some storage unit prices can be as low as $40 to $50 per month. While this might still sound like a lot, you have to look at this price in relation to apartment rent prices in New York. Upgrading from a small studio apartment with a small closet and a few storage fixtures like shelves to a larger one-bedroom unit with two big closets could set you back an additional 50 percent each month. For example, if your monthly rent for a studio apartment is 2,000 USD, a one-bedroom can easily go up to even 3,000 USD per month. If you are a New Yorker and find that you need that extra closet, you’ll see that self-storage is most likely a more economical option.

A person counting money
Renting a storage unit is a much cheaper option than upsizing in New York


It’s a great way to declutter

Self-storage does not only provide you with a straightforward way to organize excess stuff. New Yorkers love self-storage because even a tiny apartment can feel almost sprawling after a trip to the self-storage unit. This way, you can have much more space for things you need or want in your home. Using self-storage as a way to declutter your bedroom can also make your space feel less cramped than before. For instance, if you are currently studying in college, you might need your books from freshmen year at some point, but there is no reason to keep them in your home until you do. Simply put, a self-storage unit can help you prioritize when it comes to how you store your things.

You can use it as an extension of your closet

You probably love your clothes and having multiple outfits ready all the time. However, the limited space you have in your small NYC apartment can probably get in the way of that love. Utilizing a self-storage unit as an extension of your closet can be a lifesaver. There are many of them; chances are, there’s one closer to your apartment than you think. While we don’t suggest using the unit as a walk-in closet that you’ll need to cross the street to get to, it can be beneficial for setting aside winter clothes during the scorching sun of the summer. And you probably don’t need your swimsuit to traverse three feet of snow in the winter, either.

A small apartment storage closet
Apartments in New York tend to have small closets and lack storage space. A self-storage unit is a great remedy for that.


Experts from cleancutmoving.com have noticed a trend of young people moving further and further away from the city center and their college campuses or work areas simply because they can’t afford apartments that fit their lifestyles in those areas. While we do recognize that this is a crafty response, we urge you to at least consider this much cheaper option first.

New Yorkers love self-storage because its hassle-free

At first glance, self-storage can look like a total hassle since the storage units are likely located at least a block away from your apartment building. However, the more you think about it, you’ll realize it’s false. Today, self-storage companies do their best to make using them as easy and stress-free as possible. So, there’s no reason to waste space in your apartment by storing things like seasonal recreational items in your living room.

One of the biggest reasons why New Yorkers love self-storage is that it usually doesn’t require almost any work on their part. Most NYC self-storage companies will have someone come to your door to retrieve your things and deliver them to your facility of choice. And some of the more premium options also offer to provide your items right to your door.

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