6 Ways to Make Your Interstate Move Stress-Free

Stress-Free relocation—a myth? (With the help of 6 Ways to Make your Interstate Move Stress-Free) One thing’s for sure: it’s no walk in the park. Moving house is a mixed bag of blitzkrieg emotions: anticipation, anxiety, uncertainty, exhilaration, joy, melancholy, relief, and sadness. The process encompasses a 360-degree spectrum of all emotions known to humankind. And it’s quite a ride. From “I can’t wait for the big “M” day” to “I’m making a terrible mistake.” To and fro, on repeat. Yes, we are, after all, creatures of habit; we enjoy certainty and familiarity. Novelties bring restlessness, doubt, and skepticism, even when it means moving two doors down. It’s still very, very new. The ones who dare to object to the “status quo” must endure an arduous journey in order to reap the rewards. Silver lining? It’s absolutely worth it. These are six ways to make your interstate move stress-free. Let’s get you there.

1. Holy Bible: Checklist

Pre-moving checklists are a friend. A-Z it. A fact to consider: Moving interstate will take longer than moving locally; memorizing all the dates and necessary actions prior to the actual move is more than improbable. Count in the fluctuating psyche factor if you’re feeling overconfident. Don’t indulge in short-notice philosophy. Timing is everything. Start by choosing the date (and make sure it’s at least 2-3 months away). Leave nothing to chance. Introduce a timeline and itinerary to your planning scheme. A moving checklist will prompt you at all stages to keep the flow going and cross off day-to-day tasks off the pending list. Don’t let the 90-day notice fool you into thinking there’s time. Time is not linear—the more we have on our plate, the faster time flies. Hold the reins and plan ahead.

6 Ways to Make Your Interstate Move Stress-Free
If you want to make your interstate move stress-free, start planning today


2. Declutter, and it slides like butter

It’s the downsizing hour. Let’s play a game: pinpoint the unnecessary clutter objects. Hand on heart, we are inherently prone to emotional attachment. Tangible memories defy human transience, so, indeed, they matter. Profound thoughts and needs aside, there is a distinctive difference between a healthy attachment and a hoarder-like mentality. Whatever the case (no judging), it’s time to do the work and bid the worn-out memories farewell. Planning a relocation to a new state leaves no room for sentiment override. On a practical note: the more boxes you acquire, the costlier it will be. What’s the upside? Saying goodbye to your obsolete items list can be profitable. Host an everything-must-go yard or garage sale and invite your neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. Don’t have the time? Try Craigslist or pack the items for donations.

3. Embrace the stress

Here’s the truth: the moving process is riddled with obstacles, delays, and unforeseen circumstances; no matter how timely our schedule, inescapable blindspots overhang the process, impatiently waiting for their cue to create havoc. Things will happen. And it probably won’t be all that pleasant. The sooner we accept impending stressful situations and the lack of control, the sooner we can bounce back and fix the hindering hiccup. Have realistic expectations; smooth sailing is not a frequently used idiom when moving house. (neighbor states included) Even if you’re moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, know what awaits you: embracing stress from the get-go will help build resilience. After all, it’s our natural response to life’s demanding episodes. Plus, its job is to stimulate action, and it does it impeccably well. As long as you embrace the possibility of incidental pains, nothing can really go wrong.

man on a couch covering face with hands, depicts how to make your interstate move stress-free
Work with stress


4. Label, label, label

We can’t stress this enough. Before you begin packing, think about organizational skills. Believe it or not, coming up with a functional sorting system prior to packing will make your interstate move stress-free. Avoid the rookie mistake. Having heaps of randomly sorted, identical boxes in your moving truck threatens to induce full-on existential dread. The good news is that you can prevent the “needle in a haystack” scenario from happening. It’s time to do some office supplies shopping.

Go rogue and use glitter if it makes you smile. Anything goes. In order to visually sort your belongings, use the numeral system or different colors for each room (e.g., use a green marker for the bathroom, yellow for the kitchen, red for the bedroom, etc.). Write down the content of the box and its final destination. Bonus tip: consider purchasing clear storage containers. You know the saying: out of sight, out of mind; great breakup strategy, supremely bad when moving house.

5. Physiological needs

The reminder might sound a bit redundant, but “moving fatigue” is a thing. And, who could blame us; there’s just so much to do. There is no time for sleep, right? Wrong. Again—a beginner’s mistake. Sleep is crucial. The less rest time we get, the more stressed we become. (action-reaction law) Sleeping is our body’s natural way of recuperating; if we interrupt the physiological format, we could get ourselves in trouble. Moving house inevitably takes a toll on our mental and physical health, simply by being a massive-scale undertaking. Constantly running low on battery will only get you so far in your moving process (before fatigue sets in and you fall behind schedule). Prevention is always better than cure. Moving experts from The Gentleman Mover advise: be sure to practice self-care during the relocation!

a man lying on the grass
Take 5. You deserve it.


6. A friend in need will make your interstate move stress-free

Don’t be shy (or too proud) to ask for help. An additional set of hands can make the transition process, whether packing, loading, or unpacking, much easier, especially if you’re moving on short notice. Being alone in the process can prove to be somewhat overwhelming; having someone around will help alleviate the overhanging doom and gloom. Let your friends or family members distract you from entering panic mode. Let them be your escape route. Let them support you. Pro tip: if you’re having trouble packing, throw a “box and wine” party. What are friends for?


If you really want to make your interstate move stress-free, find a reputable interstate moving company. Although doing it all by yourself can be an exhilarating experience (as well as rewarding), leaving the potential turmoil to professionals is key to preserving your precious energy—you’re going to need it!

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