Prepare your Storage Unit for Hot Weather in 5 Simple Steps

There are many reasons why you would have to rent a storage unit. Whether renovating your current home or moving to a smaller apartment and downsizing, having a safe and well-maintained storage facility is a must. Prepare your Storage Unit for Hot Weather, not only because you want your valuables to be under constant supervision but because you don’t want them to get ruined because of the temperature changes.

But, apart from renting a good storage unit, there are some things that you will have to do to keep your belongings safe and protect them from high temperatures. Here are some tips on how to prepare your storage unit for hot weather and ensure that your belongings don’t get ruined during summer.

Some pieces require special care before placing them in storage

There is no doubt that relocation is a complex and challenging task. Many things need to be organized and prepared for the moving day. Still, regardless of the distance of your move, there is one particularly difficult task. And that is packing. Ensure to make your room by room packing plan and start with this task as soon as possible.

To protect your belongings adequately, you would need quality moving supplies, patience, and dedication. For that reason, consider hiring professional packers. They have all the necessary skills to prepare your belongings for the relocation.

Prepare your storage unit for hot weather in 5 simple steps
Prepare your storage unit for hot weather but your wooden furniture as well.


While preparing your items for storage, there will be some pieces require special care and preparation. Wooden furniture would be on the top of the list. To pack wooden furniture for relocation and storage, make sure to clean it well, dismantle it if possible, and wrap it with a couple of layers of bubble wrap. Your wooden furniture will be well-protected and ready to be placed in the storage unit.

To prepare your storage unit for hot weather, clean it and organize your valuables

It is crucial to prepare your storage unit for the upcoming season. Cleaning and organizing your storage facility is a great way to declutter belongings you think there is no need to keep anymore. Also, it will give you space to put new items in the storage unit if needed. Be prepared for this task because it will take you time.

On the other hand, cleaning and decluttering your storage unit presents an excellent opportunity to maximize your storage space and check if there is any damage to your belongings. Make sure to inspect each item individually and ensure that there is no mold. Be aware that there are bigger chances of mildew problems due to high temperatures. To avoid that, you can put baking soda around your unit during the hot season. Baking soda should keep it pest-free.

Be aware of hazardous items

While cleaning and preparing your storage unit for high temperatures, go through your items and check for hazardous items. If there is something that cannot stand high temperatures, you should remove it from the unit. Most importantly, ensure that you don’t have any flammable items, especially if your storage unit is made of metal. During summer, the temperature inside the unit can be even 30 degrees higher than the outside. To avoid any unfortunate events, remove all the items that can explode or that are flammable.

There are ways to protect your stuff in the storage unit, but there are also items that you should consider removing from storage:

  • Electronic devices – there is a risk that they can melt at high temperatures
  • Food – those items can attract pests
  • Live plants – can also attract pests and bugs and can’t survive in storage conditions

Consider using climate-controlled storage units

To prepare for the summer, experts from My Brooks Moving advise that you should place your belongings in climate-controlled storage units. These are the safest and the best option to protect your valuables from high temperatures. It doesn’t matter if there is a change in temperature outside. In a climate-controlled storage unit, the temperature will be constant. Usually, it is between 55 and 85 degrees. And this is important because there will be no risk of humidity, mold, or pests that could potentially damage your items.

Prepare your Storage Unit for Hot Weather
Your art collection will not sustain damage in climate-controlled storage.


Especially if you are an art collector or have other valuables, you should place them in these units. If there are no variations in the temperature, there will be no possibility for your art collection to get damaged. Also, because there are no changes in temperature and there is no humidity, there will be no moisture. And this is something that can potentially ruin your valuables. Climate-controlled storage units are also suitable for musical instruments and other wooden and leather items.

Take inventory of your belongings

Lastly, whether you use a climate-controlled storage unit or any other type, it is essential to take inventory of your belongings. Do this after cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your storage unit. You can even write the location of your items. The inventory list will not only help you keep track of your belongings. It will also be your reminder if you need to check on some of the items during the summer. Make a separate checklist with the items that are valuable and sensitive. Consider checking on those items a couple of times during the summer.

A couple taking an inventory, representing how to prepare your storage unit for hot weather
After you organize your storage unit, take an inventory of your belongings.


It can indeed be challenging to take care of your belongings if there are not next to you. But if you find a good climate-controlled storage unit and follow these steps on how to prepare your storage unit for hot weather, rest assured that your belongings will be safe and well-protected.

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