How to Organize a Small Closet for Kids

Keeping your kids’ closets organized can be a constant battle, especially if you don’t have a lot of closet space to work with. Here are some pro tips for cleaning out a small closet for kids, and then reorganizing it to maximize every square inch.

Purge Outgrown Clothes and Toys

The first step to organizing a kids’ closet, especially a small one, is to get rid of everything they’ve outgrown. Empty the closet, and then assess what should go. “Make sure that everything that is stored in there, your child uses,” says organizing expert Rachel Winter of Happy Home Organizers. “Let go of any item that your child no longer wears, reads or plays with. Donate or sell.” Stay On Top of Clutter

Children grow fast and their needs change constantly, so plan on cleaning out their closet clutter at least twice a year. (Put a reminder in your calendar to help you remember.) Or simply keep a donation box or hamper in the closet or nearby. When clothes no longer fit they can be placed in the box, which you can donate when it’s full. Let Kids Help

When kids participate in the cleaning and organizing process it helps them understand that getting rid of things they don’t use or love will make space for items they do. “You want them to feel a sense of pride and responsibility in keeping their closet and bedroom clean and organized,” Winter says. Keep It Kid-Height

Make sure your kids can easily reach the things they use every day. Consider incorporating low hanging rods, low-hung hooks, a drawer unit and open bins for toys. Fabric bins with handles are easy for kids to take in and out of the closet. Reserve the higher hard-to-reach shelves for off-season clothes, personal mementos or other items not used daily. Use a Hanging Organizer

Using a hanging organizer to hold folded clothes is a favorite trick of Organization Coach Jennifer Burnham, who says they’re great for small closets because they utilize vertical space that might otherwise be wasted. She suggests using it to help kids plan their outfits. (We love this hanging organizer labeled with the days of the week.) Label Everything

Labels are important with any organizing project, but especially one that involves kids. “You want to see everything clearly and know where everything lives. With a place for everything [kids will be motivated] to keep it that way,” says Winter. For younger kids who can’t read yet, use pictures or icons instead of words. Sort Hanging Clothes by Color

Sorting the clothes by color adds order and gives the overall closet a clean look. Best of all, it makes it easy for kids to put away and find clothes on their own. (Imagine: No more asking you where their favorite blue shirt is!) Those space-saving flocked hangers come kid-sized, too.

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