5 Tips for Self-Storage Businesses Returning After COVID-19

The onset of COVID-19 has prompted tens of thousands of businesses worldwide to shut down temporarily. If your storage business has been forced to close during this pandemic, you may be eager to reopen it and resume activities as soon as possible. However, reopening your business can be a challenge if you fail to take the right precautions.

Follow these 5 tips before reopening your self storage facility to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

1. Check the Storage Unit Locks
Checking the security of the storage units should be a top priority for storage facility owners. Employees should check to see that the locks on each storage unit are still intact and secure when they return. Extended shutdowns are the perfect time for intruders to break into storage units, so it is best to keep an eye out for any break-ins that could have occurred during the shutdown.

Storage Unit Locks

Great Locks for Self-Storage Units

2. Disinfect Surfaces
The Corona virus is likely to remain a problem for many months so many businesses may have to reopen while the pandemic is still going on. These businesses will need to adapt to a new normal that includes disinfecting workplace surfaces regularly to prevent the spread of the virus.
Storage facility owners should schedule regular disinfection and cleaning of their facility’s floors, access points, and storage unit doors so that they are safe to access. Hand sanitizer stations should also be set up near entry points so that people can disinfect their hands before entering the facility.

Disinfecting the workplace

                                                                                                 All Purpose Cleaning Supplies

3. Contact Customers
Customers who have rented out storage units should be notified immediately once your facility is operational. Some of these customers may have items to urgently retrieve from their units, so it’s important to let them know your business is up and running again.
You should also tell your customers about the precautions being taken at the facility to combat the virus, as it could ease their fears and get them to use your services again.

Happy Customers, Happy Employees

                                                                                                  Offering Great Customer Service

4. Update Operation Hours
Any changes to business hours should also be communicated on your business’s website, social media pages, and mailing list. Letting people know that you are up and running again is the best way to attract new customers in the wake of the pandemic.

Always post your hours for customers

                                                                                             Always let Customers know your Hours!

5. Have Customers Re-Check Their Storage Units
Customers should be asked to check on their storage units and verify that their possessions are still present and intact following the shutdown. Items that have been left in storage for longer than expected may fall over or sustain damage over time.

Storage Unit packed tight

                                                                                   Customers Should Check Their Storage Units!

It will be tricky for businesses to resume operations following COVID-19, but it can be done if the right precautions are taken. By following these tips, your business can come out on top in the wake of this pandemic.

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