How to Make your Ramsey NJ Home feel more Spacious

Vast living space opens numerous opportunities to experiment with colors, furniture, and home decor. However, space becomes your top priority once you decide to downsize or move from your big house to a considerably smaller apartment. You start thinking about every inch of your home and carefully consider every piece before you bring it in. To help you with this occupation, we offer you a small guide on how to make your Ramsey NJ home feel more spacious.

1. Choose the right colors

One of the first things you should consider when you try to make your home more spacious is the choice of colors.

Light colors have the feature of reflecting natural light. As opposed to dark colors, which make the space seem more closed and intimate, colors from the light palette give an impression of a more spacious room. That is why nuances of gray, beige, and everlasting white are the best choice you can make.

On the other hand, utilizing more than one color when painting your home can also make the space feel smaller. Your walls and floor should have similar nuances, and all contrasts should be avoided.

How to Make Your Ramsey, NJ Home Feel More Spacious
Light nuances are the best choice.


2. Try with fewer doors

Internal doors interrupt the space in your home. When it comes to small homes, this is something that you do not need. By removing the internal doors or replacing them with the slide ones, you will get the effect of more open space.

On the other hand, the fewer doors in your home, the easier moving in process. As the experts from suggest, the moving-in process should be smooth and safe. And, the more space your movers have to coordinate, the easier it will be.

3. Window tricks to make your Ramsey, NJ, home feel more spacious

Natural light is an irreplaceable friend with bringing the effect of a larger space. That is why every single window in your tiny home is precious. Curtains and different kinds of drapery lessen the amount of light that comes into the room, and thus the space will seem smaller. Therefore, leaving your windows bare is the best thing you can do. However, if you can’t go without curtains, you can always choose some neutral color rolling blades or curtains that will go straight from the ceiling to the floor. The latter will also make your walls seem higher.

4. Mirrors, mirrors on the walls

It is a well-known fact that mirrors help a space look deep. That’s why hanging some mirrors on the walls of a home can be more than helpful. Or, better said, it’s like a must-have. However, to get the best effect of it, place the mirrors opposite the window. That way, the light will reflect freely, and the whole room will be brighter. Moreover, when it comes to hallways, put the mirror at the end of the corridor, and you will make it look longer, too.

A room with a mirror next to a window.
Mirrors can do magical tricks to expand your living space.


5. No clutter, more space

One of the top ways to make your Ramsey, NJ, home feel more spacious is to get rid of the unnecessary objects that lay scattered all around your home. This is a step that requires no special equipment. Yet, some patience and several friends will be of much help. Find some boxes and separate things you want to donate and those you should throw away. For the rest, make sure you find appropriate storage in your home so that it doesn’t turn into a mess again. Once you deal with the clutter in all your rooms, you’ll get more free space for yourself, and the home will look bigger.

6. Be practical with furnishing

Too much furniture is yet another common issue that the owners of tiny homes meet. Minimalism is what works here the best. Let your space breathe, and do not bring in any bulky pieces. On the other hand, if these furnishing elements prevent natural light from the windows from coming into your room, it means it’s high time to deal with some rearranging. Moreover, pay some extra attention to the shelves in your home. It might look nice to see a lot of books and souvenirs all around the room, but if you leave some empty shelves will help the room feel more spacious.

So, make a clever choice of the furnishing elements you want to bring to your new home. And, be careful not to over-furnish it. And when the big day comes, the moving-in process should not be a problem. The local experts can assist and help you do everything in no time. Hiring Ramsey movers when moving in will save you a lot of trouble.

7. Lightning is essential

Natural light is the best, as we said before. However, apart from windows, lamps and chandeliers can make up for the missing light in the dark corners, too. Make sure you have enough of them in every part of your home. Light-colored walls, with a lot of light to fill the room, are the best possible combination.

Make your Ramsey, NJ, home feel more Spacious
Get some light in every corner of your home.


8. Wise storage ideas

Making more space is not all about getting rid of things and sending everything out. There is no problem keeping things as long as you come up with wise ideas to store them all. Functional furniture pieces, such as sofas, beds, or tables with storage inside them, are perfect for keeping your clothes, blankets, or sheets. On the other hand, walls are good places for hanging photos or some of your favorite souvenirs.

In addition, if you have just moved from a much bigger home and have a lot of things you don’t know what to do with, self-storage may be the right solution for you.

9. About decoration

Finally, we come to the point of decoration. This is tricky since everything that’s not essential should be avoided. However, that doesn’t mean having a small home equals no decoration. Still, you should do it carefully and smartly. Choose only the pieces you like, and arrange them, with only several pieces per room. Be creative and, above all, practical.

How to Make your Ramsey NJ Home feel more Spacious

Minimizing living space can be a bit complicated. It’s usually too many things for a very little room. Still, everything can look pretty nice in the end. Especially if you have our tips on how to make your Ramsey, NJ, home feel more spacious to help you out.

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