How Self-Storage can Help you Downsize your Home

How Self-Storage can Help you Downsize your Home

What precisely does it mean to downsize your home? It means moving into a smaller home from the one you now have. Those whose youngsters have left home or who are frightened about maintaining a large home frequently make this move. There are several more reasons to relocate to a smaller home. Some people want to reduce their living expenses or even buy another smaller house in a warmer climate and spend a part of the year there.

Since downsizing typically means that you won’t be able to fit all of your belongings in your new residence, you need to figure out what to do with the excess stuff. You can discard, sell, or donate some of it; the rest can be safely stored. Continue reading to learn how self-storage can help you downsize your home and how to optimize your storage and downsize effectively.

Ways self-storage can help you downsize your home

Storage units can make things much easier if you decide to downsize your home. When moving to a smaller home, you will inevitably have to reduce your possessions. While a garage sale or an internet sale can help you get some cash from this event, a storage unit will be a perfect solution for all the belongings you need to keep but have no space for in the new, smaller dwelling.

So, naturally, the first step is a serious and merciless decluttering session. Invite your children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and anybody else you know to come over and take back their possessions and whatever else you no longer need. All other clutter should be donated, recycled, or appropriately disposed of so that only your cherished items remain. Once you know what you need to keep, you can proceed to rent a unit.

Find and rent a suitable self-storage unit

Knowing what you need to store will know how big of a unit you need. Self-storage facilities can assist you with packing and provide industrial quality packages, but they can also collect your belongings, sparing you time and energy. Getting a self-storage unit will give you peace of mind because your items are safe and protected in a secure storage facility.

How Self-Storage Can Help You Downsize Your Home
Self-storage is ideal for seasonal belongings


When you declutter your home and put all the extra stuff in self-storage, you will have fewer items to move to your new place. It will reduce your moving costs because movers typically charge by weight. Also, remember that movers can help you transfer stuff into your unit if necessary.

  1. Increased storage space

It can be challenging to adjust to the limited amount of room that goes with a little apartment or house. The lack of storage is usually the biggest challenge people have to face. However, self-storage can help you downsize your home without feeling like you are giving up too much. Moving to a smaller home will need some adjusting, but you will know how to make it work with some careful planning.

  1. Self-storage is a perfect solution for seasonal items

You won’t be able to get rid of everything just because you’re downsizing. You will have many items you don’t use very often but can’t discard. You may still wish to use seasonal goods like bicycles, camping equipment, summer furniture, or Christmas lights and decorations.

When you aren’t using these belongings, consider storing them.

  1. Self-storage is helpful when renovating

When it comes to house improvement, self-storage is quite beneficial. It is usually simpler to renovate or repair without working surrounded by your belongings. Everything is easier if you don’t have to worry about protecting or moving around your items. You might have safe space to place your items in larger homes, but it’s hardly the case when you downsize.

For example, if your new home needs floor replacement, or you want to paint your walls, tear down the ceiling, etc., Divine Moving and Storage advise you to hire someone who can pack your possessions quickly and properly, transport them to storage, and return them once your renovation is complete.

a ladder by the painted wall
With self-storage, your house can be easily renovated


  1. Organize and store your possessions for your inheritors

You don’t have to throw out any larger objects, such as furniture and antiques, and any difficult-to-store items that you do not intend to move into your new home. Perhaps, your family members will want to take some of these objects. Self-storage containers allow you to store these belongings as long as you want. So, when someone decides they want them, they can simply get them to form the unit. Also, you don’t have to say goodbye to meaningful artifacts and memorabilia if you don’t have the room. A storage unit will keep them safe.

antique furniture, representing how self-storage can help you downsize your home
There is no need to throw away antique furniture


  1. Self-storage can help during relocation

Self-storage can help during the relocation process itself. Moving to a new home usually coincides with selling your old one. These two events typically don’t happen simultaneously, so there may be a moment when you won’t have a place for your belongings. For example, you might sell your home first, but your new home is not ready for moving in yet.


As you can see, self-storage can help you downsize your home in many ways. It is a perfect additional storage solution that doesn’t come at an exorbitant cost. It can help you lead a simple and better-organized life without having to say goodbye to your precious items. Most importantly, self-storage makes it possible to reduce living expenses by moving to a smaller home without sacrificing a lot.

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