Budget-Friendly Home Workspace Guide

When you work from home, having a comfortable workspace is essential. While some would assume that you have to spend a bundle to make that happen, reading Home Workspace guide will show you that isn’t the case. By using the right approach, you can keep your upgrades budget friendly. Storage Lookup shares how.

Budget Friendly Home Workspace Guide
Mason Jars being reused.

Upcycle for Storage Solutions

If you need storage solutions, upcycling versatile items are an excellent, budget-friendly option. For example, you could turn metal coffee cans or glass spaghetti sauce jars into usable containers. You can just remove the labels or if you want to personalize them a bit, paint the surfaces once they are clean.

Spice jars can be excellent for stashing small items like paperclips. Plus, if you have a wall-mounted spice rack, you can organize them with ease.

A dish drying rack could become a file holder, and you can turn a picture frame with glass into a custom whiteboard. Over the door shoe organizers can be great for holding office supplies, while cut-down cereal boxes can keep drawers tidy.

Look at items you might toss or recycle and see if they could have a second life. If so, give the project a try, as there is no harm if it doesn’t work out.

Before and After

Re-envision Damaged or Thrift Store Furniture

Brand new furniture for your office can be spendy. If you want to get some great pieces up less, all it takes is a keen eye, a few supplies, and some elbow grease.

Head to your local thrift store and look for well-made pieces that could use a facelift. All-wood desks, cabinets, and shelving units are great options. With those, you can sand and stain, seal, or paint them to match your preferred look.

With options like couches and chairs, getting them reupholstered could be a great option. Read reviews online for ‘upholstery repair near me’. Next, reach out, discuss your needs, and request a quote. How much it’ll cost can vary depending on the size of the piece, your fabric and material choices, and similar factors, but it’s an option worth exploring if you want a completely custom piece for your workspace.


Bonus Tip: Think About Home Value

During 2020, homeowners spent over $270 billion on home improvement projects. However, not every update has a great return on investment. For example, while a mid-range bathroom remodel might be nice for the homeowner, when they sell, they may only recoup 64 percent of the cost of that project.

If you’re making any permanent changes to your property as you upgrade your home workspace, keep your property’s value in mind. Some updates can make your home more attractive to buyers.

Creating an actual home office is a smart move. Around 72 percent of white-collar professionals are working from home at least part of the time, even as pandemic re-opening efforts move forward. Additionally, 17 percent of real estate agents say that a dedicated workspace is one of the most desirable upgrades in the eyes of buyers, so having one could make your property more attractive.

Painted Wall with Shelves

Painting your walls a light grey or beige is wise, as it appeals to more buyers. Additionally, going with high-quality built-in shelving could be smart, as it does have the ability to increase your property value.

Home Workspace Guide

As you choose projects and finishes, keep buyer trends in mind, especially if you plan on selling sometime soon. Also, take before-and-after pictures and keep your receipts. That way, the information about the upgrade is readily available if you need it.

We hope our Home Workspace Guide has helped you to see the benefits and ease creating your own workspace at home.

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