Tips to Protect Your Back During a Move

How to Protect Your Back

Proper stretching exercises can really help to keep your spine flexible and prevent stiffness, which often leads to back aches and pains. Try Yoga in your exercise routine. If Yoga isn’t your thing, swimming, bicycling, and walking also help to keep the spine area loosened.

If you have to stand for long periods of time, high heels are not recommended. Instead, wear shoes with built-in cushions and try to take breaks if possible. If high heels are not in your closet, still try to be mindful of the types of shoes you are wearing for the activity. You will be surprised how a good pair of shoes can transform how you feel at the end of the day.

When sitting, be sure that your chair fits your height and has proper back support. There is a variety of ergonomic supports to choose from to help you have the right set up. Fortunately, we know how important that is so we offer ergonomic evaluations in the workplace. 

Moving Tips that Benefit Your Body

Avoiding unnecessary stress is always key. This means not sacrificing too much sleep, not leaving your budget unchecked, wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, staying hydrated, and eating healthily. Same with over-indulging in sugar which leads to crashing. If you are planning a move use tools like dollies, sliders and straps. If you don’t know how to use them, leave it to the pros. While it may seem like more work or extra steps, this will be the best way to minimize risk of injury and not leaving you feel so sore you can’t move for the next week.

To protect your back when lifting, never lift anything that is too heavy for you. If you do, your back may not even be the only thing you end up injuring. If you absolutely must lift something heavy, stand close to the object and squat low keeping your back and neck straight. Put your arms around the object, and slowly lift with your whole body. It’s best to meet the object with equal weight. Never bend forward as that puts all of the weight in your arms and hands and doesn’t give your back enough time to absorb the sudden weight shift. As a result, you could seriously injure all of those areas. Think squat and kneel when lifting or packing boxes. 

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

If you just moved to the San Francisco area, we are a full service wellness center you can come to for chiropractic, nutrition , and massages. We are here to support all of your chiropractic needs as they arise. We are glad to assist you in preventing further misalignment and injury. At the end of the day, our goal is to help your body get stronger and healthier!

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