Protecting Your Storage-Space From Viruses

With the threat of the Coronavirus looming over every activity we participate in, it can be important for businesses to take the necessary steps to minimize the risk of their employees or customers falling ill. Below are a few tips to Protecting your storage space from viruses.

Storage units are used to keep belongings and possessions safe, so it’s important that people frequenting such facilities are kept safe as well.

The Coronavirus has a fatality rate of around 2%, which makes it a larger threat than the common flu, which has a fatality rate of 0.1%. People are right to be concerned about contracting this virus, which has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

It may be impossible for most people to bring their lives to a complete standstill to protect themselves from catching the virus, so it’s up to everyone to play their role in quelling the spread of this pandemic.

Any business-location that is frequented by a large number of people on a daily basis could be harboring the virus, which is now believed to survive for up to three days on steel surfaces, such as the shutters of a storage unit.

So what are the best ways to protect your storage facility’s employees and customers from the virus? Some steps to reduce the likelihood of the virus spreading are shown below.

Wipe Down Everything

Any employees or customers entering your facility are likely to touch the doors of your facility, key-locks, and storage unit shutters. These should be wiped down daily using ammonia or alcohol-based products. The floors should also be cleaned daily to get rid of any bacteria that may be lurking on the ground.

Entry-point items such as keypads come into frequent contact with many people, and are hotbeds for bacteria and viruses. Be sure to wipe these down multiple times per day.

You should also aim to wipe down surfaces inside any storage units that have been accessed in the past three months.

Screen Your Employees

It’s important to screen your employees for any signs or symptoms of infection. Employees who exhibit symptoms should be treated with caution and not allowed to enter the facility. However, if your facility can’t afford to do without some crucial employees for the day, then you could provide them with N95 respirator masks while they carry out their duties.

You should keep a look-out for infected customers as well. It may be tricky to turn away customers that are showing symptoms of infection during operation hours, but given the circumstances, they are likely to understand.

In extreme cases, you could opt to send one of your employees to the storage units to retrieve items on behalf of any customers who appear infected and can’t enter your facility.

Keep Hand Sanitizers Handy

Set up temporary hand sanitizer stations near entry/exit points of your facility and in every room. This will provide both employees and customers an easy way to disinfect their hands, thereby reducing their likelihood of spreading the virus through physical contact. Be sure to wipe down the surfaces of your hand sanitizer stations as well!

The Coronavirus is likely to continue causing problems globally, but it’s up to everyone to do their part in slowing down its spread. Stay safe, and keep washing your hands! Please feel free to share this article to help keep everyone safe.

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