How Your Business Can Benefit from a Self-Storage Unit

If you are running a business, you might come across an offer to rent out a self-storage unit. You would, then, understandably hesitate over the decision. If there is no substantial benefit to it, no one would regularly part with a chunk of their funds. However, your business can benefit from a Self-Storage unit, there are good reasons to rent one, and we will discuss them in our guide on how your business can benefit from a self-storage unit!

You can use it to store old files and documents

The first reason your business can benefit from a self-storage unit is that it allows you to store all your old files and documents. Even though we are firmly in the digital era, businesses cannot avoid the need for physical copies of documents. However, consider just how many papers your business goes through in a single day for a moment.

Eventually, you will have to choose between throwing away old documents or looking for a way to expand your storage. Even if you have digital copies, you don’t want to dispose of physical ones. Having them is an invaluable backup in case something happens to your servers. And though files and documents are not really among the most challenging items to store, they still need stable conditions if you want them to remain undamaged. Self-storage units provide a convenient way of solving the problems of storage space.

How Your Business Can Benefit from a Self-Storage Unit
Physical copies are the best failsafe


A self-storage unit is a lifesaver during office renovations

A self-storage unit can come in handy when shifting your office furniture and items around. Often, during a renovation, whole sections of your office space need to be emptied. This will make it so that you’d need to cram as many items as possible into the remaining space. However, as the experts from Beltway Movers warn, stacking items or furniture can easily damage them.

So, it is a much better, not to mention safer, option to stash your items in a self-storage unit. They would be out of the way, in near-ideal conditions, and not in any danger of getting damaged due to a careless mistake made by your employees or the contractors working on the renovation due to the cramped space.

Messy moving boxes
Remember to pack carefully instead of leaving it all in a mess.

It can double as a warehouse

If your business deals with goods and logistics, a self-storage unit can come through in the clutch at troublesome moments. Be it due to human error, accidents, or simply happenstance, you can find yourself in a situation where you simply have nowhere to store some of your goods. In such moments, you would need to either quickly find a way to empty out a portion of a warehouse or contract a temporary warehouse space to tide you over.

A self-storage unit could easily slot into the situation and offer you enough storage space to tide over the period. Even if the goods you are handling are temperature sensitive, it is not a big problem. The upsides of climate-controlled storage units and the very small difference in price compared to a regular one make it a good idea to rent one regularly anyway.

You can make use of it if you need to move office

Another time your business can benefit from a self-storage unit is during an office move. In fact, one of the most practical moving day tips everyone should know when the time comes to leave is to ensure you have enough storage space to help you weather the period! It might not seem like your office has a lot of things in it on a regular day.

However, when you need to actually move and bother to take stock of everything, you will find out there’s a ton of stuff! Supplies, furniture, various pieces of equipment required for the day-to-day operations of an office… the list goes on and on! It can even be difficult to get everything moved in one go. And that’s not accounting for the fact that you may not be able to immediately move into a new space.

A self-storage unit will allow you to gather office supplies

If you can find a self-storage unit in an ideal location, you can use it as a holding warehouse for extra supplies. After all, the best deals you can make for office supplies require you to purchase in bulk. What stops most businesses from making use of them, especially if it is a small or starting business, is that they simply do not have space for all those office supplies at once.

It would go against practicality if you had to spend money to secure extra storage space for the additional supplies. However, if you already have a self-storage unit and use it for one of the purposes we have already discussed, things are different. You can freely use any space left to store your extra supplies. This would let you stock up on them at the best possible price!

You can put away old or spare equipment

The final way your business can benefit from a self-storage unit? Through its ability to let you squirrel away any extra equipment you may have. As you grow your business, you will likely start to replace some of your old equipment. There are always newer and better models, be it computers, printers, or whatever else. However, does that mean you should just dispose of the old ones?

Definitely not! If you do, you are denying yourself an opportunity to create a stockpile of ‘backups’ if something goes wrong in the office. What if something does damage your current equipment, and you can’t replace it quickly? This way, you could just pull the old equipment out of storage temporarily! And a self-storage unit is an ideal holding place for old or spare equipment.

Employees using old laptops
Even if it’s old, the spare equipment will do in a pinch!


Final words

Now that you understand how your business can benefit from a self-storage unit, you will likely want one! Remember that you need to find one in a convenient location, which costs a reasonable amount if you plan to use it regularly.

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