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At some time or another we have all wished we had another garage or a bigger garage, and as space gets more expensive and less of it, we have found ourselves renting storage units to handle our everyday needs for extra storage, but what do we do when we need space for an extra car, or our dream car, as we know a Storage Unit can be expensive.

It is noted that just over 50% of all garages in the United States are not used for automobile storage, no that does not mean that more than half of the garages in the US are empty, please do not make that mistake, it just means that there are opportunities to rent out your garage for extra income, and or rent a garage for that beautiful classic car of yours.

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RentalGarages.com and StorageLookup.com have built an online space where you can list your garage for rent short term, or long term. You can also search our site to lookup a garage rental near you. We have found that garage rentals are moving very quickly, and they do not stay listed very long, especially in the more populated areas.

One of the services that we offer our paid clients is pricing assistance, so if you are not sure what you could rent your garage space for, just chose your package, send us a quick email, and we will appraise your garage space and supply you a range to price your garage rental, remember though in the end it’s 100% your choice where to price your garage.

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It’s simple to list your garage too, just click Add a Listing, chose your package and enter the details of your garage, add some photos and you are done. Our team will do a quick scan of your listing, making sure it looks good and you are live.

We recommend that you talk with your insurance agent, to have the proper coverage for renting out your extra garage space, even if you don’t want to rent the whole garage out, you can rent just part of it for storage, so many people need that little bit of extra space anymore.

I moved into a condo with a detached single car garage once, and when I moved in I could park in one of the many onsite parking spots if they were available, but about half way through the lease, the HOA changed the rules and required that all residents park in their garage or park on the street, they created a huge problem, what do I do with my tools, bikes and other storage items in my single garage, the garage was so small that you could barley get a SUV in and get out of the car. I started looking for a place for my stuff, I didn’t want my car on the street.

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Therefore, these storage spaces go so quickly, this is not a small problem, so if you want to earn some extra cash, list your garage space today. We can help with rental agreements, creating your listing, or almost anything else, just send us a quick email and we will get right back to you. You can always check out our current listings by clicking here.

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