A Home Seller’s Guide to Boosting Curb Appeal

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A Home Seller’s guide to Boosting Curb Appeal

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you want to devote some time to enhancing its exterior appearance. According to Landmark Home Warranty, well-executed curb appeal can help a home sell faster and can even increase property value by as much as 11%.

Storagelookup invites you to find out what you can do to give your house a more aesthetically pleasing first impression below.

Clean your home’s exterior

 Your house’s exterior has a large surface area. If it’s looking dingy or dirty, the entire property’s appearance will suffer. Start by scheduling a professional power washing for your house. Once the siding is taken care of, go on to clean the windows. Sparkling windows can make a house look more welcoming. For large picture windows, use a strip applicator to wash and then a squeegee to wipe clean. You can use a damp chamois to catch any last drips or streaks. For multi-pane windows, a small squeegee is preferable.

 Last but not least, clean up your front porch. HouseTipster offers a comprehensive guide to getting it sparkling. If there is mold or mildew, scrub it away with a stiff brush. You can give your front door a simple makeover by giving it a fresh coat of paint. For more ideas on how to enhance your home’s exterior appeal, use sites like PennyMac.com to discover projects that can enhance your home’s value, as well as other suggestions on how to make your home stand out from the competition.

Upgrade your gutters

 With the exterior surface cleaned, move on to the gutters. Gutters that are rusting or detached from the house can give the property a rundown appearance. Recognize signs that it’s time to replace your gutters, like cracks, stressed seams, peeling house paint, mildew growth at the base of the house, and rotten window frames.

 If gutter repair or replacement is needed, enlist the services of a professional. An expert will have specialized tools to ensure gutters are affixed firmly and can also take care of additional reinforcement measures, like caulking the seams. Hiring an expert is also advisable because gutter work is done at great heights, which can be risky.

 Once you’ve shopped around and found a professional with good reviews and reasonable prices, you can prepare your property for its gutter appointment. Create a safe space by removing clutter from the lawn that could interfere with the need to set up ladders and clear your driveway of cars, so the pros can get their equipment as close to the house as possible.

Use landscaping to beautify your property

With the above essentials taken care of, you can take added steps to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. You might repaint your mailbox or add a new welcome mat, for example. Also, pay attention to basic landscaping—mow the lawn, prune hedges, and trim tree branches as needed.

You can further enhance the house’s looks by adding vibrant flowers to the front lawn. If you go this route, aim to plant a four-season garden. This will ensure you have some blooms whatever the season. For example, tulips and daffodils tend to grow in spring, while asters and pansies thrive in the fall.

 From the gutters to the garden, great curb appeal takes into account every detail. Trust the above tips to help you create a pleasing exterior.

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