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About Us

About Us

About StorageLookup.com

My brother was looking for a place to store his boat through the winter, but he wanted an indoor location, but could not afford to pay $300.00 per month, which is what most indoor locations where charging at the time.

My brother not being very internet savvy was having trouble finding anything that met his needs, when I jumped in to help him, knowing my way around the internet, I thought this will be easy, but to my surprise it was not easy to find private or public storage for a boat, eventually I did find a location for him, but in the process, I told myself there has to be an easier way. There were options out there, just not what I would have expected or what I was looking for, and it was difficult.

StorageLookup.com all started with that simple idea of how to make it easier to find storage facilities near you. After several years of thinking and planning, we have finally put together a fantastic resource for the Storage and Moving industry that will make it easier for consumers to find their storage needs quickly, and easy for private or public businesses to market their storage facilities at a reasonable price.

StorageLookup.com offers individual garage rentals, storage unit facilities, and moving companies, plus great tips to help you with storing your belongings or with your next move, weather its moving next door or to the other side of the United States, we hope to offer you a great resource to make it just a little easier.

We are always looking to improve and better ourselves with new ideas, suggestions and or criticisms, so we can make the experience better for you our customers, please leave your thoughts below.

Thank you

Richard G.